Nunoo Mensah asks Rawlings To Help NDC Retain Power
The National Security Advisor of President Mills, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo Mensah, has appealed to former President Rawlings to join the campaign of NDC to retain power and prosecute successfully the Better Ghana Agenda.
He said the differences between President Mills and Mr Rawlings are physical and leadership styles and nothing personal.
Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah made the appeal at the inauguration of a two semi-detached bungalow for the Agona Kwanyako Health Centre and a fully furnished six unit classroom block for the Agona Nsabah Muslim community in the Central Region.
The two facilities were constructed by the National Security Advisor with assistance from individuals and corporate organizations.
He said the two leaders have a lot in common and must therefore work together to bring the needed development which they cherish so much to the people.
Former President Rawlings responded that he has no personal problems with President Mills except that the government is not upholding to the letter the principles of probity, accountability and justice. These he said form the foundation of NDC.
He cautioned politicians against the use of violence to retain or win power.
Former President Rawlings added his voice to calls to avoid the use of insults and intemperate language in the national political discourse.
Former President Rawlings asked the rank and file of National Democratic Congress (NDC)to close their ranks especially those who won their parliamentary primaries and the losers to patch up any differences between them.
This is because this year’s general elections will be very tough but was optimistic that NDC will retain power.
Former President Rawlings also decried the activities of charlatans who parade themselves as men of God but are destroying families with their false prophecies.
He entreated Ghanaians not be gullible to the prophecies of these charlatans.
Former President Rawlings used the occasion to introduce NDC parliamentary candidate for Agona East, Maame Pokuah to the people and asked them to vote for her.


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