One of the major new acts on the block who has also join the group of artists who say they will not ride on the popularity of the Azonto craze to make just about any music for their hard earned fans today decided to take a shot at the developing music genre.

Manifestive, who has been liken to ace musician, Obrafour on many occasion and at times called the saviour of “real music” in Ghana, like his counterparts, Kwawkese, Okyeame kwame and others have not been exactly been all crazy about the Azonto dance fab and the crazy music that arose to accompany it. Okyeame Kwame has even been cited saying that “the Azonto craze killed his music” Even upcoming acts Looney of Cryme Records recently released a direct hit at the craze called “Death Of Azonto – D.O.A.“. It is only fair to say that this artists wish for the death of Azonto.

However, Manifest does not think Azonto will die out. This does not neccesarily mean he supports the craze as via his official twitter account @Manifestive, the artist who recently released his Immigrant Chronicles album made it clear that “(the) wacky ass music” accompanying the Azonto craze will sure be eradicated from the system.

Having added his voice to the whole debate against Azonto, one knows better than to be expectant of an Azonto-like song from this act but you never know, we have seen the hesitant likes of Okyeame Kwame fall to the lure of Azonto and its quick fame-bringing magic


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