Torrential rains on Saturday destroyed more than 90 houses, leaving hundreds homeless at Rugombo in Cibitoke province, some 70 km northwest of the Burundian capital Bujumbura, a local official told Xinhua by phone on Sunday. rainwater
“During the rains, more than 90 houses were destroyed, leaving hundreds homeless and the whole town of Rugombo was in black because power cables and power poles were damaged. Until 17:00 (15: 00 GMT), the electricity has not been restored,” said Rugombo Commune Administrator Beatrice Kaderi.
According to her, the rains also destroyed several schools and banana, pineapple and cassava crops.
She called on the Burundian government via the country’s Solidarity Ministry and charity organizations to come to the rescue of victims by providing food items, iron sheets and school equipment.
Kaderi also called on the country’s Water and Electricity Company to restore electricity “as soon as possible”, arguing that criminality may increase as wrongdoers take advantage of darkness to commit crimes. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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