Ragga Dee

Ragga Dee

Ragga Dee will now tussle it out with any NRM member who wishes to stand on the party ticket and if he emerges the winner, he will compete for the mayoral elections on the NRM ticket.

Ragga Dee has time and again rallied Kampala voters and fellow artistes to support his bid for mayorship, saying he would transform the city to a level of other developed cities he has visited before.

Ragga Dee, who doubles as a businessman, also promised to promote Ugandan music by allowing musicians to pin their posters all over the city ahead of their shows, which Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) had banned.

Recognised as one of the pioneers of contemporary Ugandan music, Ragga Dee was born in 1973 to Mister and Misses George William Kyeyune

By Chris Kiwawulo, The New Vision


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