By Mazi Odera
Brethren and? non-brethren ,i greet you all with the name of the most high ,the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Today ,we are going to look on how possible it is to -drag one from Rags to Riches.In my hood they say “Uba si na chi, agba kam nbo , bu nri onu” [wealth is from God ,struggles can only put food on your table].
Did i tell us that David the greatest King since creation was a non consequential shepherd ? ,He was a nonentity even in his household,among his brothers and parents .Before you shout sacrilege let me tell us how .
When God asked Samuel to go and anoint someone in place of Saul ,because God has rejected Saul as the King of Israel,he sent him to the family of JESSE ,Samuel? ask?Jesse to bring all his male children for God will choose a King amongst them,Jesse brought out all his Children and forget the inconsequential David ,who is keeping the herds out there in the field.To him David is a nobody ,to his brother who is this small nobody that they relegated to the bush ?that they will allow?him to stand in contention with them .But do not worry, when God wants to introduce you ,he will not need help from anybody ,less the person will say “had it not being me ,you would,nt have been what you are”.
rags-to-richesDavid was forgotten in the bush ,until God made the divine introduction.
You see when David wrote PSALM 23 ,i perceived that he had this scenario in mind ,when he said “he will set a banquet before your enemies“,God wanted to introduce David to his family and he made them stand still in witness.
When Jesse felt that all his Sons are accounted for ,he forgot that God kept a proper record of every body and that was why Samuel asked Jesse in 1st Samuel?16 VERSE 11 and i quote “11And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all thy children? And he said, There remaineth yet the youngest, and, behold, he keepeth the sheep. And Samuel said unto Jesse, Send and fetch him:?for we will not sit down till he come hither.?”,Jesse introduced 7 of his sons and God introduced the forgotten one ,but you see in a grand style ,because they forgot David and Samuel had to ask if his son,s have finished before Jesse reluctantly said that there is one kept in the bush? ,and hear God,s Pronouncement ,he said “for we will not sit down till he come hither“,Maybe you did not understand what this mean ,it means they will all stand up and wait for David ,so that they will understand the importance of that neglect.David is keeping herds in the desert ,he is not at the back yard.Imagine the Family might be at Onitsha and David might be at Ore ,but Samuel told them that none of them will sit down until David comes into the hall.which means there will be enough? time to hate David for making them stand and also time to ask self what is special about that young lad that makes the prophet to stand in wait for him ?.Then when Davids comes in there will be a relief that he have come to save them the punishment of standing.THAT IS THE KIND OF INTRODUCTION GOD WILL GIVE YOU ,IF YOU ARE STEADFAST IN HIS COMMANDMENT.He will make Airplane wait for you ,while you are taking your bath ,he will make President postpone his broadcast just for you to read and have input.
Do you think God is done with Introducing David ? ,oh no ,that is why i always tell us to read the Bible ,do not wait for?SundaySunday?,you can read every day on line by clicking on this link? go to passages …you will read as you please NO CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED ,it is FREE FOR LIFE.
Now back to David and his?grass to Grace..God took away his grace from Saul and Saul become a phychiatric case,so he was in need for a GUITAR player .Note in the entire Bible there was no time David was known for his Guitar skills ,instead he is very good at keeping sheep .But of all the players ,do not forget that in Kings palace there are always musicians that are handy to entertain the king ,but when Saul wanted a player all the names and skill of those men where erased from the mind of Saul’s advisers.Here comes another divine introduction of David to Saul,he first made David case for him ,hear one of Saul’s?servant introducing David? Verse “18Then answered one of the servants, and said, Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, that is cunning in playing, and a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely person, and the LORD is with him.”,God did not want to use POLITICAL OFFICERS to introduce David ,he used a servant ,did you notice how many titles he gave to David ?maybe i need to show you again ,in serial? format =
[1]?Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite,=He did not say ,he,ve seen the Shepherd boy ,he said a Son of Jesse .No longer the Shepherd David ,he is now the representative of Jesse ,he is now the DOOR to Jesse,s house ,the name of his father will become NNA DAVID ,PAPA DAVID .That is your portion if you shout Amen to that.Do not be shy let the people near by hear you shout?.
[2]?that is cunning in playing,=He is trying to say that David is another Sunny Ade or Oliver the coque or Victor Uwaifo ,those are the BEST GUITARS in todays world.But David was not known to play in a concert ,yet this man heard him play and recognize the hidden skill in him .That is same way favor will locate you ,no matter what you are doing and where you may have being hiding,they will locate you and announce you to the world ,that will launch your Divine introduction.?
[3]?and a mighty valiant man,=He did not say that he is a Valiant man but a mighty valiant man, David is known as a shepherd but to those with insight he has all the potentials that makes one a GENIUS .
I want to tell us that that same way somebody you,ve not noticed will take the pains and market your hidden skills and by the time you know it ,you will be a KING in your chosen profession ,Governments will Hold court for you,Presidents will call you to seek your endorsement ,Nations will beg?you to visit or work with them.It is not?how many resumes you shared or how many advertisement you placed that mattered ,it is God,s Introduction .When God introduce you -no shaking and no palaver again.Carry on and say God take control and you will see him in action.?
?and a man of war,=Even before David lifted his first armour somebody has seen the WARRIOR in him and announce to the king.David was skilled in keeping herds but never on battle field,yet somebody announced him to the King as a GENERAL who is skilled in War ,The King was not looking for Warriors but yet David was introduced as the man of the moment ,even the servant did not do this to impress he was prophesying what God wants him to voice out.So it shall be for you ,if you believe that God will stand for you and introduce you ,then do not worry? how many people swore that you will never make it ,they will be asleep when your case will be treated and MARKED -PERFECTION .God is not finished with your case ,he is about?to announce?you but wait patiently for the DIVINE INTRODUCTION.?
?and prudent in matters,=He is still exalting David ,he is making David to be BEST AMONG THE BEST and that will make everybody in Saul’s regime to respect David not as a Guitar player but as a man with WHEREWITHAL ..So it shall be in your cases ,the more the oppressors tried to bury your face the more those that have the ears of the Presidents will be filling his ears?with good news about you ,the?Presidents will know more about you than you know of yourself.?
?and a comely person,=hehe he ,David got all the introduction that one needed to become THE BEST OF THE BEST ,Yet he did not ask for it and he never bargained for it.Same way your announcement into goodies will take you by suprise
?and the LORD is with him.=Here is the bone of all things,This servant knew that the?Lord has left Saul and he told Saul boldly that the Lord that leaves you went into David ,which? means in other words DAVID WAS INTRODUCED TO SAUL AS A SUCCESSOR but he?was,nt smart enough to understand it.That is how you will get promoted above those that promoted you ,they will place you above them without knowing it and they will sing your praises when ever they wants to back bite you .No weapons formed against you shall prosper in Jesus name.
My people ,do you think God is done introducing David after he introduced him to Saul ? No way ,he is yet to give him the MOTHER OF ALL INTRODUCTION,which is called GLOBAL CABLE INTRODUCTION ..So wait a minute let us go a fishing for God,s Introduction of David to the People of Israel and the World.To start with David has been crowned King ,and he has been introduced to the king and with the kind of intro he got ,there is no man in Saul’s cabinet that will push him around ,but that is not all because he need to be DIVINELY INTRODUCED to the World and the Israelites need to accept him before he takes over the KINGSHIP that was given to him,so whom shall God send or use ? ,HERE COMES GOLIATH ,the greatest of all soldiers,The tallest and the most feared in battle.This is the first time a war among nations has been turned to WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION between two men,did you notice that the?Philistines never planned on sending Goliath to fight one on one with Israel ?,The method of mass attack was changed to project God,s plan on establishing David.So Goliath without knowing it set the stage and draw attention from all nooks and cranny of the earth ,because the war they should have went ahead?and fought was delayed for days ,while announcement was in progress on who will take on Goliath.I perceived that Israelite might have searched throughout out Israel to get a man that is as skill and tall as Goliath but no way.So the news must have travelled the world and people will be all ears to hear who will be made mince meat of by GOLIATH.At this time of great expectation and while?all eyes where on the open field ,where Goliath are prancing like a Predator ,David was introduced ,when he came out with CATAPULT ,not even spear ,knife or anything ,that brought another round of laughter from the audience ,it is like spear welding hunters in some jungle challenge the might of American Army and Air force and showcase their spear as weapon to use and defeat America,people will just laugh at such stupidity but that is what happened?between David who is?not a soldier and Goliath who was born a soldier and grew up a soldier.There is something significant that happened on that battle field,Saul who David plays Guitar for asked when they brought David to him ,Whose son are you?that means Saul never?think that the Guitar playing boy will be out in the field where soldiers are threading.David did not remind him that he is the Music playing guy,?David refused the use of?the Military gears that was given to him ,so that people will not say that something inside that Armour helped David to get rid of Goliath.At the end Israelites said that SAUL KILLED THOUSANDS ,BUT DAVID TENS OF THOUSAND?.Which means they rate David higher than Saul.That is your portion this time in life in JESUS NAME !!
The only thing?God needed from us is to trust and obey him ,all the other things that matters to us ,he shall supply according to his riches in heaven which is beyond counting.
When God wants to elevate you ,he will make show of your most hated enemy and drag him through disgrace ,then he will crown you in the presence of your enemy.let us check out the Bible to see how God made great enemies to toe God,s line.
There is this King XERXES of Media and Persia,he is? as powerful as American President in his days.If you refuse him your oil ,he will label you a TERRORIST and invade you.If you refuse him a wife ,he will put you on?the most wanted list.If you refuse to allow him to set the rules that will govern your?own territory/Nation ,he will sponsor an uprising that will destabilize you.So he is the Most Powerful King in his days ,and it happened to be that he INVADED Israel the same way Iraq was invaded,but there is a difference ,he took prisoners but USA do not take prisoners because of cost of maintenance.So a certain man named MORDECAI who is unknown inlaw to the King ,was serving as a gate man to the King.But the Chief of general Staff?to the King hate this Mordecai with rapid hatred ,because?the gate man never tremble in front of the?CGS..So the CGS set the stage to Hang this gate man on a gallow .I know that some of us will ask ,is this in the Bible ? Yes read ESTHER 5 VERSE 9-14.
When we are powerless that is when God takes?over to show why he is God.I am talking of same God that Divided the Red Sea and allow the Israelites to pass and use the same passage to eliminate the Egyptians.The same God that transformed the Economy of Israel which -Experts said will take?7 years of maximum supply to revive ,but God revived it within 24 hours [read the Bible and you will see more].that same God is the OPUTA OBIE?-when he step in ,every thing will be settled.
That day he stood up for MORDECAI ,he caused the KING SLEEPLESS NIGHT .Read Esther 6 vs 1-13.He made the King to be sleepless and cause him to ask for the Chronicle of things to be read back to him,actually the King did not know what he wanted but he want to do the will of his Superior,the edict of he that he cannot argue with ,i mean the ONE THAT LIVE IN HEAVEN.So??he? was listening to all the gibberish they are reading to him ,until they come to MORDECAI ,he said stop rewind and repeat,lo and below it happened that MORDECAI saved the Kings life against conspiracy to kill him ,and maybe CGS sealed the file from reaching the King.But that night?the King heard about that case and he looked out of his court ,behold THE?CGS Mr Haman as he is walking majestically into the Kings court and the King ask him ,what should the King do to the man that pleases his heart ,Haman thought that he is the CGS and that he is the man that pleases the King and he suggest that the person will be?adorned with Kings clothing and ornaments and match through the?land and proclaim that this is a man that pleases the KING.
Lo and?behold the King ask him to go and fetch MORDECAI AND do exactly?as he said to MORDECAI.Do not ask me how Haman,s face looked like when he learned that the same Mordecai that he planned to execute the next day by hanging is same the King wanted him to crown and parade as he that pleases the King.
The lesson here is that ,so it shall be for you ,that those that seat on your inventions,promotions,results,success shall be made to ANNOUNCE you to the world as BEST OF THE BEST.
Those that are suppose to review your case ,will have sleepless night this week and will review your case and reward you.
This is your portion in JESUS NAME ,if you believe it say AMEN ……….
?Mazi Odera


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