Credible reports reaching indicate that the number one private radio station in the Upper East Region, A1 Radio, yesterday burned down to ashes.
According to our Upper East Regional Correspondent, not even a pin was picked out in the magnificent building situated at Tinosobligo in the Bolgatanga Municipality.
Recounting how the incident started, the hostess of Work and Happiness Programme, Ms. Gifty Amoshie, who was then on duty, said power fluctuated twice and after the second time, she saw sparks of fire coming out from one of the main switches in the studio.
She added that before she alerted the security man on duty and other staff, saying “the entire studio was engulfed by the inferno”.
She managed to come out of the flaming studio before the fire quickly spread to the rest of the studios, transmission room and other offices.
The incident occurred at about 11:00 am and in about 10 minutes; the Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service arrived at the premises and started quenching the fire. Though some staff attempted to use the fire extinguishers to fight the fire from its initial stage, its magnitude overpowered them.
An elder brother of Mr. Peter Kparib, Executive Director of A1 Radio, Pastor Isaac Yen though had it though to control himself upon his arrival at the station’s premises, he later told reporters he was grateful to God that no human live was lost to the fire.
The Regional Minster, Mr. Mark Woyongo upon hearing the pathetic story rushed to the scene to have first-hand information and also to sympathize with staff and management of company. He described the disaster as devastating and observed that it was not only going to affect the management and staff, but the entire region because over the year, A1 Radio has provided the people of the region with good programmes.
Some of the property destroyed in the fire includes two transmitters belonging to the company and Metro TV transmitter, undisclosed number of computers, TV sets, satellite discs and receivers, microphones, consoles.
While the personnel of the GNFS were still putting out the fire, some Volta River Authority (VRA) staff entered the premises and carried away their metre without informing the management of the radio station. When they were questioned by some staff, they claimed they were protecting their metre.
Some of the staff upon seeing the building on flame could not control their emotion but to burst into crying and wailing mood.
Meanwhile, the acting General Manager, Mr. Justine Kolog hinted that management would soon put measures in place for temporal transmission to resume while the destroyed building is being worked on.
Instructively, A1 Radio started test transmission in March 2009 and begun full operation on June 22, 2009.


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