Radio Biafra
Radio Biafra

Every good, hard work eventually pays off; every passion rightly released returns with its adequate yield. There can be no good, hard work enough to drive truth home except it is driven with the spirit and passion to inform, communicate, enlighten, clarify and save. The Igbo, and by extension, all Biafrans were long scattered to the ends of the earth as a result of thirsts and hunger for information: information on how to serve well, how to better our lots and, ultimately, how to finally say, ?We are free and at peace at last!? Hunger for freedom, survival and living like the rest of mankind took us farther away that, today, our collective deaths, both in the hands of those who have compelled our silence and imposed slavery upon us in our very land, and those whose own peace seem to be fueled and maintained by our continued enslavement, now force our comeback. But how can we come back when we have lost even our paths behind? Thank God! The passion in the hearts of the full team of Radio Biafra London and Biafrans all over the world has finally paid off, Radio Biafra App is born!

Apps are dedicated interactive programs which enable a Smartphone/Tablet user to make the best use of his time, money and the information in between. Radio Biafra app is an app but an app with a spirit and a passion, an app with a goal and an assurance. While all apps help users to share and receive information and knowledge and to coordinate and lesson the burdens of day-to-day demands, Radio Biafra App dives deep down to the core and essence of creation and sustenance. It streams, right from Radio Biafra studios to all men the world over, bit-by-bit, undiluted history and goings-on orchestrated against a race and a special breed of people who have been through the actions and repercussions of collected and channeled hatred from both passive observers and active participating members of the world in the woe and abomination that is Nigeria. The desire to salvage our people is one thing and getting them ready is the second. The Resumption of Radio Biafra London broadcasts is the giant step on the ladder of our freedom and, as urgency demands, faster dissemination of information becomes a task that must be done before others. The birth of RBA is intended serve as an angel of union amongst our people all over and between us and our friends and well-wishers in every part of this world, especially the peoples of this generation who have come to value the indispensability of today?s on-the-go networking devices called Smartphones and Tablets. With Radio Biafra App, those in offices and those at homes, even those in marketplaces will no longer be saddled with the worries of aligning their bedtimes to that of our concise and clear-cut broadcasts as Radio Biafra will be accessible to all anywhere, any time. Everyone will be informed, all will be fed.?
To access daily programs and broadcasts of Radio Biafra London via Radio Biafra App and to keep abreast of matters regarding the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra and the divine uprooting of the age-long abomination called The Federal Republic of Nigeria where Biafrans remain compelled. All you need do is to get your Smartphone or Table handy, to access the app center of your Blackberry, Android, Apple and windows phones and tablets and to download, free of charge, the Radio Biafra App. Every internet-enabled mobile device and every app-compatible device is compatible with the Radio Biafra London app. It runs with the internet package of your phone in most of these smartphones and may require slight additional costs from your service provider in some. Rest assured any additional cost is not from Radio Biafra London. While we work to fulfill our vow to expand our drive in Biafraland and in Africa with the installation of a SW transmitter for affordable news disseminations to all our people, we ask everyone, especially all Biafrans back home who use smartphones, to rush and download this app to their phones without further delay so as to settle the urgent need for the messages we bring until the transmitter comes home as our nuclear.
Those who have kept the abominations called Nigeria as one are but chaffs before the spirit of our time, the spirit of Biafra. Our destination is a very simple one, a Sovereign Biafran State or the grave. We will not retreat, we will not surrender. It is either we get Biafra or we die trying to get Biafra! If they make the coming of Biafra impossible, the whole Zoological Republic of Nigeria will die with us. That oil in Biafraland that forms the basis of the enslavement of Biafran people will be freely available to non-Africans in perpetuity. Our resolve must not be questioned. But it must be made known to those who are waiting for our destruction to possess what is never theirs that, the annihilation of Biafrans is not far from the annihilation of mankind because the spirits will take flesh and fight the men of sand until they all perish in their regrets for standing with evil and for standing aside while evil threatens the people of peace. But we know that our God lives and affliction will not have the final say. This time, the world history is about to be rewritten either way because all we seek is the glory God has given us for eternity.
What then must I do? I must run and visit the app center of my phone and download for myself a Radio Biafra London app; I must get myself tuned into everything Biafra through this all-encompassing app, and I must shout at the top of my voice to everyone who passes by and to all who care to listen: Come! Come and hear the words of life! Come and receive the message of salvation at no costs! Come and be renewed! Come and be part of this divine structure which God Himself is raising and restoring; a structure of a blessed land and its people, being raised and restored to the height of service to the God of faithfulness and in love for all his creations! Come and be part of this celebrations in Zion! Come, celebrate with us in Biafra! Celebrate the prophesied change! Celebrate Biafra, oh ye peoples of the world!



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