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Rachel Ajaari
Rachel Ajaari

It?s probably common knowledge that the best way to observe an object and its role among others in an environment is to take a few steps backwards to view from a distance. Depending on your perspective, one may choose a Birdseye view from above or observe the landscape picking up the subject analyzed from a milieu of like objects in its surroundings, (sounds rather scientific).
Indeed observations from a distance especially when one actually has the opportunity to take a closer look, also gives great insight and can give a clear indication of what the future holds.
So having been so close to Rachel, yet given that one gets close to her every now and then through her productions on television, it is still revealing taking a few steps backwards to see how it all begun and then considering what we have seen so far, we can now brace ourselves for what is next, the exciting role that her productions would continue to play on the media and entertainment scene.
Like a movie scene, Rachel?s role begun with radio, actually; well yes radio presentation. With diligence and dedication sharpening her talent, her role evolved to reveal a composite set of skills intricately woven into seams of television productions, publicist, cameo roles and event management.

From a bit part in ?All That Glitters?, she moves on to co production of ?Between the Sheets?, ?Desperations? amongst others, while shooting several corporate and social documentaries and television adverts, managing artistes and organizing corporate events.


Rachel managed the Malta Guinness Street Dance in 2011. She now challenges herself as she delves into reality series with Fashion Power soon to air on Viasat 1 TV in Ghana and selected channels in Nigeria. Fashion Power is a unique show of creativity and craftsmanship in fashion designing featuring talents from Ghana and Nigeria.


It would culminate into an exciting red carpet/fashion festival to be staged in Lagos this December.
Admittedly Local productions have their peculiar challenges in the sub region. As daunting as they look, they always create avenues for new thinking, innovations that eventually reveal one?s unique talent that becomes the ?style?.

But let?s take a step back again; the underlying support for her style is character: bold, brave, boisterous, bubbly and the entire vivacious Bs. This unveils her poise and elegant personality.

Her style is actually embedded in her approach towards conceptualizing productions. Her sense of pragmatism focuses on the simple things around us, our way of life and aesthetics but ironically does not limit her creativity and innovation as it transcends cultural and environmental barriers to embrace other lifestyles while maintaining an African poise.

Ah Eureka! We?ve finally found it: the ?African Poise?. Her role on the media scene would continue to generate productions that reveal the real African situations, issues and mores, telling the story in a manner to be appreciated globally yet maintaining the deportment that makes it uniquely African.

Africa though exploited most, is still the most untapped continent in the world in terms of talent and culture channelled through the media. There is still no limit to what one can do with African storytelling, music, languages, tradition, proverbs, civilization, history and indeed the unique relationship with former colonies that form the bridge to channel and blend the good posture of Africa with the rest of the world.

With her winsome personality and ever present captivating smile Rachel looks into a bright future for the media and entertainment scene as she invites all to tug along.

Rachel A. Ajaari graduated from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) and obtained a degree in Human Resource Management at the Methodist University. She began her media career with reporting and presentations for radio and moved on to content production for television and the African movie scene, production of adverts and documentaries and the organization of high profile events.

She is the co-founder/partner of Media Channels Concepts (MCC). MCC is an audio visual production company providing TV Content, concept development, event management and artiste management among others.

Some productions churned out under MCC include: ?Between the Sheets?, ?Desperations? all television drama series transmitted on networks in Ghana and Nigeria. MCC?s next television production; is a reality show series: ?Fashion Power?, also scheduled for transmission in Ghana and Nigeria in October.

?Rachel?s Cook book? follows shortly. Watch this space.


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