Star Beer, the nation?s favourite beer and a product of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL, launched a new promotional campaign dubbed, ?It?s Who We Are?, with award winning hip-Life artistes R2Bees on 5th December 2013 at Excel Nite Club in Accra.

?It?s who we are? campaign establishes and celebrates our respect for Ghanaian tradition while we embrace the insatiable desires of the future. Star Beer, first produced in Ghana in 1960, has evolved over the years but always remained true to its Ghanaian heritage.

Speaking at the launch, Rwamibango Herve-Sacha, Marketing Manager (Lagers) of GGBL said, ?This campaign encourages Ghanaians to blend our tradition of respect, integrity, belief in self-worth into the future.?

The campaign, featuring award winning hip-life artistes R2Bees, one of Ghana?s leading hip-life groups, represents how real-life Ghanaians take charge of their lives to become who they want to be. R2Bees?s respect and infusion of Ghanaian style into their lyrics and music bridges the past and present and communicates to Ghanaians to bring their past into the future by taking their Ghanaian values along with them.

This exciting campaign with R2Bees will be promoted on Television, Radio, Outdoor and Press, as well as on the digital platform and truly represents Star beer.?

R2Bees said ?We are extremely proud to be associated with a Star Premium Lager ? a beer that embodies our Ghanaian heritage. The Star campaign reflects our personal belief and core values: the importance of incorporating our Ghanaian tradition and culture into the future and all that we do. ?It is who we are?.


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