r2bees Studio R2Bees pushes back album release date

The date for the release of R2Bees? upcoming album Da Revolution II, which was set for February 1, after an earlier postponement, has been pushed further again. The album will now be launched on March 29, the group has said. Preceding the March 29 launch, will be the release of new singles, the group says.
?Our Album ?Da Revolution II? has been pushed further back, 29th march without fail, sorry guys but new singles will hit you soonest?.thanks,? they posted on their Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

It is not clear what called for the postponement but sources say the reason isn?t too far from their supposed relationship with local mobile phone production company Rlg, which is going to be made formal in the coming days. The group were in South Africa recently to shoot a commercial for the company, ahead of what is said to be, a mouthwatering endorsement deal.


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