Without shelling, bombardment and cross border attacks, a quiet invasion has taken place.
Right before our noses porn has crept into our very lives without foreboding and citizens have as yet not managed to rid it of its infectious nature.
sex male organ

Theinvasion might have begun through sailors who brought back porn magazines to feast their eyes on but as the years rolled by with technological advancements, the reach and scope of porn materials have become pervasive and easily digestible.

Without a scientific study I dare say 3 in 5 adult Ghanaians possess porn material and 6 in every 10 tertiary student have pornographic material(visual &photo) on their computer. It goes to show just how dependent a good number of Ghanaians have become on porn to perform sexual acts per my estimates.
2014 proved one thing, that Ghanaians were tired of watching others perform sexual deeds whiles they themselves possessed the skills and the technology to shoot their own films.
The Tamale pimp, the Fante girl video aka ?wuhu aba?, the one porn video whose sharing was banned and Tiffany?s video all go to show the brazen nature of our fellow citizens.

Hitherto and as late as the 90?s, it was rare for Ghanaian ladies to agree to perform oral sex not to talk of anal but thanks to porn sucking a dick now has become the acceptable appetizer to a main course meal which varies from 69, Cow Girl, Doggie Style to Anal Sex.

It is now common talk for male and female friends and colleagues to talk about multiple sex partners they have without feeling unabashed.
If for nothing at all porn has broadened horizons of many people including Ghanaians. Whiles magazines led the way, to view folks expose their privates in living colour, the availability of VHS and colour television enabled an increasing number of citizens to rent the videos and watch in the comfort of their homes.
The onset of DVD?s or CD?s caused the explosion that porn needed in Ghana as folks could now own the DVD?s and because of their little sizes not draw attention and so it was only a matter of course that the internet, computers and the arrival of pen drives would cause more and more people to lay hands on pornographic images.
Mobile or cell phones with their infra-red and bluetooth devices was manna for many as with a click of the button friends, relations and associates could view and compare notes on performances and endowments of the porn actors and actresses and even more so with WhatsApp.
Soon names like Kapri Styles, Pinky, Cherokee,Blu Diamond, Alexis Silver, Angel Eyes, Skyy Black, Jada Fire and the massively endowed Mandingo became cult figures for the porn enthusiasts.
Although?gala? matches were fairly common in our local setup, there is little doubt that exposure of our ladies to porn has led to a willingness to try out gang bangs, double anal and squirts.
The shock value of watching porn lends credence to the believe that man left to his devices can be a destructive force. But for porn, many wouldn?t see a midget carried in a suitcase having sex, ladies ejaculating a mixture of urine and cum juice after stimulation, find certain clitoris so huge they could be mistaken for a mini prick, dicks so long and huge only half is used for penile intrusion, vagina so big that aside accommodating wine bottles and 1.5 litre bottles, they actually consume a grown man?s head.

Whiles certain videos are educational and tend to serve as a guide to healthy sex lives such as ?Expert Guide to the G-spot and A Girls Guide to 21st Century Sex other productions contain graphic and often disconcerting images and visuals which contain fisting/handballing, footing, lesbians, dildos, anal licking, pussy eating, cigar smoking vajayjays, ejaculating on the face, breast and stomach of the females, transgender folks or trannys, sex with animals ?dogs, snakes, cow, bull, and pregnant women.

It appears after the Swedru girls led the way by having their nude photos posted on a website and Wakiki Jay shot his hugely popular sex video, the race to record/shoot porn visuals has only gotten keener.
A good number of known tertiary schools have had sex videos including KNUST, Sunyani Polytechnic, UDS, AUCC, University of Ghana, Methodist University,GTUC, Kumasi Polytechnic and Takoradi Polytechnic not forgetting works by the ?Kotusa lady?, Mapouka videos, Ayeduase scandal, twerking videos, booty shakes, carnival free shows, strip teases as well as the following Ghanaleak.net enjoyed and Africaleak.com continues to enjoy.
It seems under the porn umbrella, there is taste for everything so everyone gets a chunk of the pie be it macho sex, obese porn, orgies, kinky sex, gay sex, interracial sex and public sex.

Porn is big business worth over 45 billion dollars with some companies in the US publicly trading their shares. Interestingly it was the Scandinavian countries led by Denmark in the 50?s and 60?s which liberated the porn business by shooting in colour for the first time with some dialogue.
It wasn?t until the 70?s that the Americanscaused its true explosion with the 1972 movie Deep Throat followed by The Devil in MissJones in 1973 and Boogie Nights in 1997.For many porn fans in America the names Max Hardcore and Layla Rivera conjure images they are appalled at yet glued to. The two offered some truly graphic content which eventually landed Max in a federal prison in Texas.
So can Christians watch porn? According to Christianscholarsthe three main categories of sin are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16) adding Pornography definitely causes us to lust after flesh, and it is undeniably a lust of the eyes.
?Pornography definitely does not qualify as one of the things we are to think about, according to Philippians 4:8. Pornography is addictive (1 Corinthians 6:12; 2 Peter 2:19), and destructive (Proverbs 6:25-28; Ezekiel 20:30; Ephesians 4:19). Lusting after other people in our minds, which is the essence of pornography, is offensive to God (Matthew 5:28; 1 Corinthians 6:9).?
Where does Islam stand in all of these? According to Sheikh YassirFazanga, Scholar and Director of Mental Health although sexual passions are human need, they ought to be channeled properly in an ethical relationship. He adds a healthy sexual relationship will not be enhanced by watching porn.
ForMuslims who attempt to watch porn alone without harm to another or with a partner,Yassir reminds such people of the instruction of Allah who warned about the intake of alcohol: ?that which makes you intoxicated in large amounts, small amounts are forbidden?.
Interestingly research conducted in the US indicates that by age 11 many kids would have been exposed to porn. A porn website pops up every 39 minute whiles at every given minute 29,000 people search for porn material to consume. On a daily basis, 68 million people access pornmaterial and sadly 160,000 of such people fish for child porn.
For Sheikh YassirFazanga, the destructive effects or porn leads to the natural stimulant in men to desire a woman to be curtailed where often wives complain they cannot compete with the porn actresses their husbands have become dependent on.
?Addiction to porn is more destructive than crack cocaine because the body can detoxify itself from remnants of crack cocaine whiles sexual images once imprinted in the mind are rarely removed? he added.
Although there is no correlation between rape, child molestation and sexual assaultsimplybecause a man is addicted to porn, the cost and perversion of society that mankind is determined by a large penis and how much pain is inflicted on a woman, as well as institutionalizedracism and manipulation of young minds must be confronted by state and opinion/religiousleaders head on.
As it stands people really want graphic stuff, some really want natural stuff with non-production values at all, others really want slick stuff with little sex in it and all sorts of things in-between.
But I guess pornography wouldn?t make sense without a client and merchandise.

michaeleli dokosi


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