Quick tour of the seven exhibition areas of CIIE

At the exhibition booths in the nearly 10,000-square meter-area, more than 90 enterprises from 15 countries and regions displayed their most advanced creations in multiple fields, such as mobile devices, smart home, smart household appliances and video games.

On the first day of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), companies from all over the world displayed their advanced products and businesses. There are seven different exbition areas showcasing products and services.

High-end Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Area

How to realize intelligence and automation on the production and manufacturing sites? The over 30,000-square meter-exhibition area of high-end intelligent equipment at the ongoing first China International Import Expo (CIIE) has offered diverse solutions to the question.

In this exhibition area of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, more than 400 enterprises including General Electric, DuPont, Mitsubishi Electric, Microsoft, and Dell catch people’s eyes with a variety of ingenious creations in fields such as new energy equipment, industrial automation and robotics, and aerospace technologies and equipment.

Trade in Services Exhibition Area

The eye-catching entrance to the exhibition area of trade in services gains a lot of attention. With just a touch of finger on the large LED screen, visitors can see photos and read explainations about 100 antique collections in the Palace Museum of China.

It is a culture-themed project jointly launched by Google and the Palace Museum, which displays a precious collection of 100 antiques in the Palace Museum such as potteries, paintings and works of calligraphy, bronze wares, and objects decorated with enamel.

Besides, many  leading corporations gathered in the area, including financial institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation , accounting firms like Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Ernst & Young, inspection and certification agencies such as Bureau Veritas from France and Underwriters Laboratories from the US, and DHL from the logistics industry.

This exhibition area doesn’t sell products, but offers people with various services and solutions.

Medical Equipment & Health Care Products Exhibiton Area

The world’s smallest cardiac pacemaker, thinnest blood pressure monitor, fastest immunoassay analyzer, first nuclear magnetic resonance imaging instrument for infants and children, various sophisticated products appeared in the exhibition area of medical equipment and health care products.

As scientific and technological research products are most concentrated, this area has attracted nearly 300 companies from 51 countries around the world.

Food & Agricultural Products Exhibition Area

In the exhibition area of food and agricultural products, guides from Ghana showed the specialties they brought to reporters, saying that Ghana’s chocolate is not only delicious, but can stand relatively high tempature. The chocolate won’t melt even if heldin hands.

The manager of a Ghanaian cocoa processing company said that they have brought a variety of chocolate and cocoa products to the Expo. Apart from looking for agents, they are also planning to cooperate with Chinese e-commerce companies. In the near future, Chinese consumers can buy Ghanaian chocolate without leaving home, added the manager.

The CIIE provides a platform for nearly 2,000 companies from over 100 countries in the exhibition area of food and agricultural products. The exhibits range from organic and healthy local products to processed goods produced with  modern technologies, including dairy, meat, aquatic products, vegetable and fruit, as well as tea and coffee, etc.

Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods Exhibition Area

The exhibition booth of diamonds and gems is no doubt the “most expensive” part of  apparel, accessories and consumer goods exhibition. The extra security checks for themdemonstrate how “valuable” they are.

Twelve Polish Jewelry companies have brought their most precious jewelries to the Expo. According to Mariusz Gliwiński, the vice-president of the International Amber Association, Poland accounts for 70 percent of the world’s production in amber, while 50 percent of the world’s amber products are consumed in China, which is a huge market for Poland.

Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Exhibition Area

What will our homes look like in the future? The consumer electronics and appliances exhibition area at the first CIIE might have just given you an answer.

At the exhibition booths in the nearly 10,000-square meter-area, more than 90 enterprises from 15 countries and regions  displayed their most advanced creations in multiple fields, such as mobile devices, smart home, smart household appliances and video games.

Automobiles Exhibition Area

China is the world’s fastest-growing market with the largest demand for automobiles. , More than one million cars are imported into China each year, with  the sales exceeding $45 billion.

The first CIIE has attracted 68 automobile companies from 17 countries, most of which are world-famous manufacturers. The firms have brought their most treasured products to the event to catch the eyes of Chinese buyers.

New energy vehicle is a key development area for the automobileindustry. Honda is showcasing its latest hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle at the expo. An employee of Honda said that this model hasn’t been sold in China so far, and this expo offered Honda an opportunity to cooperate with Chinese partners to popularize hydrogen filling stations while looking for Chinese buyers, thus making efforts to build a cleaner world.


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