Dj Divalash

As I write now, she is making serious waves with her sounds. Due to her proficient work behind the turntable, she’s been tagged with all sort of names, but the most captivating tag name which caught my attention was “The Queen of Effects”.

Dj 3To her much is given, much is expected. Since she is known as “Queen of Afrobeat”, she was given 5 minutes to show off ( Prove beyond all odds as “Queen Of Effects” ) at a club called Black Star Viana in Luanda Angola, which she was actually invited to have fun on that very evening that led to the display of her master-craft behind the turntable. Boy oh Boy, what she exhibited that night was phenomenal, those who witnessed it were not ready for what she had for them trust me. She marvelled each and everyone.

Just after some few Seconds of her exposition, the owner of the club took out a cell phone to capture the moment as astonished as he was, she shut each and every corner of the night club and got everybody talking about her.
Other onlookers (people who didn’t show interest from the begin of her showmanship) were even taking out $100.00 dollars to hand out to the Diva (as seen in the video) but as sobersided and focused as she was, she had her eyes on the CDJ Pitcher as if she was possessed and craving for more, her eyes drew passion as she was aggressive and untouchable.

Dj 2Fear this African Queen to show you flames when only yesterday she confirmed to Merqury Quaye The Mastermind behind the #GhanaDeejayAwards that she will be live in Ghana come February 2016, for the Ghana Deejay Awards. Rumour has it that she will be performing this time around. Ghana should be very Ready for This Beauty Beast. In case you don’t know her, she won “The Best International Dj of the Year(2013).

Now that Ghanaians are aware of the Lashing Diva to come to Ghana, as part of her plans for the World Tour, we shall all be anticipating for her and again, we are so honoured to host the Best International Dj (Non_Ghananian) of the year winner (2013) to land in the shores of our soil. Dj Divalash is a South African by nationality.

Source: John Claude Tamakloe


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