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Ghana Election 2012
Ghana Election 2012

Chiefs and Queen mothers of various communities in the country have since call for peace. A group of mothers mainly consisting of traditional rulers and other women in the civic society have cautioned the country’s political leaders to ensure that the  suffering that has befallen women in war ravaged  areas in West Africa does not extend to Ghana.

Delivering speeches at a press conference organized by the Ghana Peace Campaign 2012, the group which calls itself mothers for peace has charged both the president and oppositions leader to give mother’s day this year which is the preservation of the peace in the country since women suffers most doing war in any country.

The queen mother of the Drobo Traditional area in Brong Ahafo, Nana Yaa Ansuaa said they cannot afford any disturbances in the peace they enjoy in Ghana today and so politicians should be mindful that women and children do not suffer as result of their activities.

The queen mother of the Kpando traditional area Mamaga said if mothers fan the politicians’ ego and ambitions to think only about their selfish needs and not that of the whole country, then they are selfish.

“Indeed if a politician engages in actions that con bring Ghana to the brink, it is the responsibility of the mothers of that politician to bring their child to order, no matter how old they may be, warn them and they cannot take the peace of the nation for granted but if a mother fails in her duty to call her son or daughter to order, she will be failing all of us,” she said.

Mamaga Agbalisi continued that, “a child can become hundred times more successful than his or her mother, but can never be bigger than them”.

Meanwhile the queen mother of the Sekoti Traditional Area Pognaba Namalteng also stressed the importance of the peace for already hardworking women of Ghana.

She said the last thing mothers need in this country is to be identified with all the images they see in Africa, images of internally displaced women carrying their belongings for long walks must never befall mothers in Ghana.

“Suffering the agony of not knowing your kids are and being stopped at random check points, sexual abuse and rape should not become part of our lives,” she stated.

She added that, “but for this evil to stay away, leaders must seek to protect the peace.  It is not enough for political leaders to claim innocence of what drives tension high in this country which they know and must not encourage.”

The National Women Organiser of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ms Anita De-sosoo also called for peace as she indicated her readiness to accept all her faults to let peace prevail in the country and also play a very vital role as a mother to train both herself and children to know when to say sorry to let peace prevail in every corner of the country.

The Communication Director for the Ghana Peace Campaign Kojo Frimpong explained that the Mother’s for Peace Agenda is just one of the programmes the campaign team is using to drive the message of peace high up into the ears of anybody who has a vote and will take part in the electoral process.

According to the group, politicians must not think that the civic space is theirs alone.


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