The Queen mother of Kumasi Adeibeba who is also an evangelist and strong believer of the word of God, Nana Pomaah Akoto Darkowaa II has stressed the need for her colleague Queen mothers in the country to draw nearer to Christ Jesus and defend the word of God to ensure that God gives them the necessary wisdom, power and humility to serve their people in peace to glorify the one who created and positioned them on to their various thrones.

New PictureSpeaking to this paper in an exclusive interview to explain how as a queen mother she is also a practicing evangelist, Nana Darkowaah said, for the past fourteen years, she has been in the evangelism field preaching and wining souls for the Lord after she had repented and baptized into the name of the father, the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, therefore on her enthronement onto the prestigious stool of Adeabeba some ten years ago, she was already a servant of God.

She noted that many people have the notion that queen mothers cannot be good Christians, stressing that such thinking or perception is a total fallacy because one can be a pagan or Christian worshiper based on his or her own conscious or will.

The will power in a person, Evangelist Nana Darkowaah said, can decide for one to choose to either follow Satan or God. She condemned in no uncertain terms, some queen mothers who see their Stools and positions as pagan worshipping, contending that the position is an honour from God and as such, queen mothers should refrain from consulting strange spirits for power but rather they should submit themselves to God and secure their total empowerment, since Satan has no authority to make one wise.

The Spirit- filled Nana Darkowaah said though position of queen mothers sometimes call for cultural and custom practices, nevertheless she totally distances herself from these worldly customs but always focuses attention on the word of God which according to her, is powerful than any worldly power.

She recalled about various ordeals she underwent through during the time she was nominated as queen mother and how Satan used so many temptations including death threat to convince her to turn her back against God but to no avail. Nana said, through the power of God she was able to overcome the plots of Satan as she remained resolute and renews her faith in the Lord.

The 50 years old queen mother added that at her present age couple with her strong faith in the Lord nobody can convince her to neglect her creator (God) whom she described had saved her life since she surrendered her whole life unto him and accordingly advised her colleagues to also stand firm in the Lord to ensure their freedom and spiritual development.


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