Nana Dawa Asiedua II, the Queenmother of Obomeng, has advised Ghanaians to adopt the use of locally manufactured pots such as earthenware bowl ‘Ayowa’, ceramic cups, and saucepans made from clay to minimise diseases.

This, she explained would also help create jobs for the people in the country , especially in the Kwahu areas.


Nana Asiedua was speaking at a grand durbar to mark the 30th anniversary of her enstoolment at Obomeng and urged Ghanaians to desist from the use of metallic saucepans that caused may health challenges.

Nana Asiedua said most of the sicknesses were as a result of the adaptation of western cultures and urged Ghanaians to go back to their rich culture as their ancestors did to be healthy.

She said she had been able to resolve many chieftaincy disputes and united the people and expressed worry at the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the area and promised to do everything possible to reverse the trend to help promote girl- child education.

Nana Asiedua cautioned the youth especially the girls to desist from immoral activities that could damage their future and take their education serious to ensure a more literate population in the community.
She promised to make land available to investors in the area to create jobs for the youth and pleaded with the Obomeng citizens home and abroad to support the development of the area.


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