The project proposes a unique direct selling business module made available online which promises clients and partners good health and wealth creation at the same time.


One of the leading partners of Qnet from Bahrain, Cheran Mathew, speaking at a meeting to introduce new clients and partners to the project in Accra, indicated that his passion for Africa to succeed was what moved him to champion the introduction of this unique opportunity for wealth creation on the continent.

He observed that, “In my company I am referred to as the face of Africa and yet I don’t look like an African. This is as a result of my passion to see Africa succeed and that is why I am proud of this wealth creation initiative, we are championing in Africa by raising not less than 10 millonaires in Ghana within the next two years.”

According to information gleaned from the set presentations made at the forum, partners are expected to buy a range of products from among Qnet’s exotic product lines, use them and recommend the products to other clients and make money.

Some of the products that were introduced to the forum include Amezcua Chi Pendant 2, Bio Disc 2, E-Guard and special water filter from Qnet. The value of the products range from 460 to over 13,000 Dollars

Qnet’s representative in Ghana, Johnson Kuriakose, in an interview with Newsghana.com.gh threw more light on how the module works. He said, “the module requires that a partner that is interested in the business fill a form and register on the internet with Qnet where a virtual office space is created online for the person to trade.”

Adding that, “the said partner needs to buy a set of products from Qnet’s product line to accumulate points that would translate into money every two weeks depending on how determined the partner is to move to the next stage of the business. The more products you buy the more points you accumulate as a form of bonus.”

He then concluded by saying that, “the next thing to do is to directly introduce two more people to the products who should intern register in the name of the partner where a chain of registration and purchases down his lane will accumulate to him as bonuses that will be written to him in the form of a cheque every two weeks as long as the chain of action continues by registering new people.”

It is estimated that some 5,000 Ghanaians have already been hooked unto the system where some are engaged in it on a part-time bases while others have resigned their jobs to engage in it full time.

Some partners present at the forum gave testimonies about how the products have improved their health and how the business module has also changed their lives for the better.

Source: Clement Akoloh/Newsghana.Com.gh



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