Question by Niamh ? Cheap flights to Scotland in the winter
I plan to go to Scotland this year’s Christmas / Hogmanay period. Since then, it’s winter, it is usually out of season, but the prices of holidays is not as cheap as I thought they would. Does anyone have any suggestions or offers of sites for cheap flights? My dates are flexibles.Oh yes, I live in Phoenix, AZ.Meilleure reply:
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as a matter of fact, public holidays and summer months are the most expensive times to travel. It is no secret website or something to get cheaper tickets, but remember to buy tickets for 8-12 weeks prior to departure in order to obtain the cheapest ticket possible, because you leave 8 to 16 weeks before departure to start looking for 16 weeks before you see the trend in prices and buy if you think it is cheaper, which should be about 10-12 weeks mark.

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