Corruption Campaign
Corruption Campaign

Reverend Leonard Agblomasa, Biakoye District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has entreated Persons Living with Disability (PWDs) to get involved in efforts at fighting corruption in the country.

He asked them to surmount all limitations and participate fully in the democratic process especially, helping to stop dishonest use of power at all levels.

“You must show active involvement in the activities of local government, and make sure that the Disability Common Fund for instance, benefits those who need it”, Rev. Agblomasa said at a forum in the district under the Accountability Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Programme (ARAP).

He charged them to be ‘citizens and not spectators’ and ensure that duty bearers delivered on their mandate.

ARAP is supported by the European Union and aimed at empowering citizenry to demand a society free of corruption.

The NCCE has been tasked with promoting the campaign and arming the populace with access to anti-corruption agencies and mechanisms including security agencies and reporting platforms.

The campaign, in the Biakoye District, engaged artisans and traders among other identifiable groups and awakened them to their responsibilities towards promoting corruption-free society.

Mr Benjamin Adzorbor, the District Social Welfare Director also charged PWDs to speak out on governance issues and assert their rights.

He said the Department was working on supporting PWDs with vocational and technical training so they could be self-reliant.



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