The National President of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD), Mr. Yaw Ofori Debra is appealing to all persons with disabilities in the Ashanti region to call off the intended demonstration on the toll booth recruitment tomorrow.

Persons with Disabilities in the Ashanti region were to go on demonstration tomorrow as a way of expressing their displeasure with the ministry of roads and highways who carried out the exercise of recruiting persons with disabilities to work at various toll booths across the country; they alleged that criteria used to disqualify a number of them was not tenable.

However, according to the GFD president, the federation engaged the ministry of roads and highways last Wednesday to resolve the issue; the minister said that the processing of those persons with disabilities who passed through the interview successfully has been completed and they would start working from Saturday, July, 1st 2017.

The ministry also said that those who couldn’t pass through the interview successfully should submit fresh applications for reconsideration so that they can start work by 1st August.
Against this backdrop, the president entreats all persons with disabilities in the Ashanti region to exercise restrain whilst they wait for the second badge, hence calling off of tomorrow’s demonstration.

Mr. Yaw Ofori Debra
(GFD National President)