wpid-vladimir-putin-presidentn-300x224.jpgWhile anything seems possible, the operating assumption among some American and European officials is that?Mr. Putin will?not overtly invade eastern Ukraine but?instead opt for a murky middle plan, using local agitators and perhaps undercover special forces to stir even more unrest in largely Russian-speaking areas of the country.?

U.S. Challenge Now Is to Stop Further Putin Moves, NYT

Putin is watching TV. Calls up his Chief of Intelligence: ?Give Tyagnibok a medal for banning the use of Russian in Ukraine. What do you mean he isn’t one of ours? Ok, give Yarosh a medal for the idea of blowing up Ukrainian gas transit lines. What do you mean, that’s his own doing? How about that cretin Lyashko? How about those cretins from Svoboda?Miroshnichenko and others? So, DO WE HAVE ANY AGENTS ON THE GROUND IN UKRAINE AT ALL?! Where the hell are they? What the hell do you mean they bought a dump-truck of pop-corn and a tanker truck beer and are watching it like a movie?!!!? Hangs up in disgust. Calls again: ?How could you let Muzychko get killed??



Indeed Putin can just sit back and enjoy the popcorn. The putschists government is doing its very best to disgrace itself, to in-fight with its ideological friends and to push Russian speaking Ukrainians closer to Russia. Just notice today’s decision to?suspend?even more Russian language TV services in Ukraine. How is that supposed to convince Russian speakers in Ukraine that their voices will be heard?

The fighting between the paramilitary rightwingers from the Pravyi Sektor and the Svoboda fascists has only?started:

The Ukrainian radical group Right Sector demands Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s immediate dismissal and the arrest of members of the Sokil (Falcon) special task force involved in killing nationalist leader Oleksandr Muzychko nicknamed Sashko Bily in the Rivne region early?on Tuesday.

The?response?from the Svoboda party minister:

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has started a sweep of arrests against the nationalist Right Sector organization, after its activists threatened revenge for the police killing of one of their leaders, Oleksandr Muzychko, a news report said.

Popcorn indeed.

According to Google news?search?no U.S. media picked up on the published Tymoshenko phone call in which she?talks?to her political ally Shufrych about mass killing Russians. Yahoo news carried an AFP agency?text?and a Washington Post blog?entry?tried to obfuscate the content of the talk. Except that there is nada in U.S. media while German papers were?all over it. Of interest is not only the rather vulgar talk but the fact that it was held in Russian. This while the fake blond gas princess and her friends always uses Ukrainian in public speech to promote her fake nationalism. The leaked call will thereby not only alienate Russian speaker from Tymoshenko also the Ukrainian speakers which she tries to embezzle.

Why should Russia try to create unrest in eastern and southern Ukraine when the putsch government in Kiev is doing its very best to create such itself? To the growing unrest one can add the likely economic collapse that will come rather sooner than later. Any “western” help will be conditioned on austerity and impoverishing the people as well as on political reform that the oligarchs and the current politicians will not allow to happen. Under such condition further unrest is a given while Ukraine?falls apart?and there is no need at all for Russia to intervene to achieve such.

Russia will do nothing nefarious, it will do just nothing. Russia will not help, neither economically nor politically, unless Kiev and the “west” are willing to pay its price: A federalized Ukraine with strong regions and a weak central government.


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