The Private Universities Students? Association of Ghana (PUSAG ) has added its voice to the current upheaval between some students and authorities of Pentecost University Collage (PUC), its member institution.
The issue mainly involves the 11 students who took a BA in Communication programme at the university and were due for graduation at the end of the 2013/2014 academic year, but delayed for graduation due to challenges from the affiliate University.

Private Universities Students? Association of Ghana (PUSAG
Private Universities Students? Association of Ghana (PUSAG

According to PUSAG, as the mouthpiece of all private universities in the country, it revealed that there are?certain pertinent issues that need attention by the various institutions and the general public as a whole.
“As we all strive to move forward the development of private tertiary education in Ghana, it is worth to note that the National Accreditation Board (NAB) has the statutory mandate of ensuring that this situation never occurred. In view of the above, PUSAG is urging NAB to be upright in their duties and responsibilities as the gate keepers of quality tertiary education in Ghana.”
The association also called on the Council for Independent Private Universities ( CIPU) to support the students in their efforts to seek for reparation and justice at the court of law. And we also want to admonish them to adhere to standards set for student admissions into the various programmes at the universities by NAB.
The NAB, PUSAG averred, should be awakened to their duties of ensuring that such canker never recurs. The association also wants to make it clear that we support every judiciary movement by the aggrieved students.


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