Lying beside the Bay of Bengal, it attracts tourists to enjoy the cool breeze of the waters and stroll on the sandy beaches.

For tourists, the best way of visiting Jagannatha Puri and all the other interesting places here, is by going for the package tours to Puri Jagannatha. During the Chariot Festival or Ratha Yatra, one can hardly step into the holy land if booking is not done from before. According to the ancient Skanda Purana, Puri is the resting place of Lord Vishnu and is one among the four dhams that has great importance to the Hindus. Visiting the temple of the lord here in Puri Jagannath is a way of purifying oneself. Moreover, getting a touch of the holy rope that is attached to the chariot of the Lord during the Chariot Festival is deemed as a pious act that helps to get the blessings of the Lord to attain salvation.

Besides the glory of the Jagannatha Temple in Puri, this town has a separate attraction for sea-lovers.

The sea is calm in this area that creates a soothing atmosphere and watching the sunrise or sunset on the beach is another fantastic experience that you cannot share with anyone. Picking up shells or watching the jelly fish digging their way into the sand, is a wonderful sight that is enjoyed by all visitors.

Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark- the three cities are known as the Golden Triangle of eastern India. The Puri Jagannatha tour packages offer sight-seeing to all the exciting places in and around Puri. They will take you to Gundicha Ghar that was the playhouse of Lord Krishna during His childhood days, the zoo, Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary, Sudarshan workshop, Markandeswar Tank, the museum and the Atharnala Bridge.

The most beautiful of all the temples is the Sun Temple at Konark. The architecture and the carvings in this temple are unique and are acclaimed throughout the world. Many people go for a boat-ride to the Chilka Lake and visit the Kali Temple there.

If you wish to visit Puri Jagannatha as a devotee then the best time for you to be there is during the Ratha Yatra in the month of June or July. But if you simply love to travel about and enjoy the fascinating beauty of nature as well as pay your homage to Lord Jagannatha, then you can visit any time especially during the winter months.  For shoppers, handicrafts items of shells can be selected from a large variety of them on the beach. The Sand Art Park portrays the beauty and exquisite craftsmanship and imagination in giving life to animated creatures.

Jagganatha Puri hotels offer great facilities to their guests. Various cuisines are served here. Prior booking in the Jagganatha Puri hotels is a wise method of being ahead of others.

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