Former Prime Minister Amama

Former Prime Minister Amama

The MPs, especially from the NRM party, lashed out at Mbabazi, saying he had passionately participated in crafting, the Public Order Management Act which they said was now ?catching up with him?.

MP Boaz Kafunda (Busongora South) described Mbabazi?s arrest as ?pure democracy.?

?If you have never seen democracy, this is it. It shows that the laws he passed in this House [Parliament] are not selective. He thought he was making a law for other people and not him. You reap what you sow,? he said.

MP Okot Ogong (Dokolo) narrated how his presidential hopes were allegedly crashed in 2005 by the then ?powerful? secretary general Amama Mbabazi.

?Internal issues?

?What goes around comes around. When I expressed interest to contest as party president, the then powerful man and secretary general accused me of indiscipline and my nomination was dropped,? Ogong told the House chaired by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

?He fully participated in this law [Public Order Management] and it?s catching up with him. Mbabazi was in the chair when the opposition was being harassed. Why are you sympathizing with the man?? he asked, drawing applause from NRM MPs.

Legislators were contributing to  a matter of national importance raised by Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi, condemning the Police over the arrests of both Mbabazi and former FDC party president Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

?Besigye was dully nominated by the party and he informed the Police accordingly. Which laws did he then break?? Kivumbi asked.

?This [Thursday] morning, the Police also arrested the former Prime Minister, why is the police interfering in the internal party issues of NRM? This kind of behavior by Police towards election should be stopped,? he added.

But the NRM MPs, during the debate, maintained that Mbabazi was not above the law and therefore should be handled accordingly.

?Suffer alone?

Peter Okeyoh Ochieng (Bukooli Island) reminded lawmakers that whenever they are legislating they should know that ?one day, the same law will catch up? with them.

On her part, health state minister, Sarah Opendi, wondered whether Mbabazi had sought permission from the Speaker of Parliament to be out of the House. But Oulanyah downplayed the question: ?I was informed that he was arrested in the morning yet plenary sits in the afternoon.?

Robinah Nabbanja (Kibaale) wondered: ?When you travel alone, you suffer alone. We are so many NRM members here, why did he decide to leave us behind? He is actually enjoying what he sowed.?

Meanwhile, Dr. Francis Epetait (Ngora) amused members when he said: ?I am not celebrating but he laid his bed, let him sleep in it.?

?Serious matter?

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Wafula Ogutu however raised concerns over the manner in which members were downplaying the issue.

?This is a serious matter. I am surprised by the manner in which we are debating the matter and belittling leaders such as Honorable Mbabazi. We should care about what happens to other members,? he said.

But MPs Milton Muwuma and Eddie Kwizera said members should only debate the matter after government has presented a statement on the matter.

Oulanyah however cautioned MPs against speculating and asked them to wait for a statement from Government.

?I have allowed members to debate this matter because this is not an everyday issue. It involves the arrest of leaders and members needed to express their views on the matter.?

Source The New Vision


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