Unyime-Ivy King is a literary fiction writer of Akwa Ibom descent. Her first novel, Burning Hurt, published by AuthorHouse UK in August 2012, is filled with themes of envy,? intrigue, reality, and suspense-all of which evoke deep sensations in one. The plot of? Burning Hurt is set in the very heart of her homeland and its blueprints are designed to examine the issues of failing cultural values, belief systems,and the ravaging effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family unit, youth and adult thereby attempting to cause a restoration? restoring the total African to his/her original setting.?
aunty unyimeRaised by God fearing parents, this young woman, who began putting pen to paper as a girl has grown not just to embrace her rich cultural heritage, norms and beliefs but also to understand the necessity for the return to the declining morals passed across by the stake holders of our culture, which helped to shape our moral character as a people.
These norms include: integrity, respect, faithfulness, responsibility, and not forgetting her major desire to encourage the sowing of righteous oats by youths, as against the proverbial wild oats. Burning Hurt, which is available on well known marketing sites like:Amazon.com, Barnes&Nobles,?e- bay, and several other sites, is the finest of its kind, and a lesson for the Nigerian that would rather advertise the western culture in their mode of writing. Unyime has taken time to lift her African language on the platforms of the western culture and both have not just embraced, but are set to advertise our rich cultural heritage ?our language?.?Burning Hurt? tells a story of the African girl as depicted in Itohowo Ekanem and her siblings; it tells of the pain she experiences from being raised in a dysfunctional home and the effects of her upbringing on her choices, purpose, pursuit and personality and that? of her siblings. Her father?s death gets the mother set for a remarriage that is convenient for her but becomes the next step in the bitter state of Itohowo’s challenges.
It talks of Daniel Ukpong, a hero in the plantation of his seeds who assumes an opportunity to ?sow wild oats?. With every decision comes a consequence and with the consequence come a fulfilment of temporal emotional desires for one and the shattering of life?s pursuits for another.
Can the storms of life be so overwhelming, insurmountable or can we walk away unscathed from the heat of life?s fires which we find ourselves daily rooted in? This riveting saga provides some of the answers to the question of parenting and childhood dilemma of most Africans.
Her piercing thought is drawn from this punch line,? ?if all I succeed in doing is make people have a rethink before embarking on an irrational course of action, I would be fulfilled?.

Burning Hurt?is set to be publicly presented to the public formally on the?6th of June 2013?at the Akwa Ibom States E-library in Uyo. Part of the activities slated for the presentation,? is a real theater representation of? ?Burning Hurt? which is a compendium of dance, music and drama; a review panel, made up of some notable minds and writers of repute, a theme song of international repute, which is also available for viewing on You Tube,? and a book trailer. Never before has an African Novel heralded such audience like ?Burning Hurt?.
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