The Chinese community has been shocked by an outrageous case of psychiatrists “running away” from a hospital, along with 64 patients over the weekend.



File photo of Guihang 300 Hospital. [Photo :]

The Guihang 300 Hospital released an announcement on its official website Saturday, declaring that 64 patients being treated at the hospital had left, led by the director of psychiatry, Yang Shaolei, without informing the patients’ families or going through any formal procedures. Meanwhile, 11 other staff members of the psychiatry department had quit before getting official approval by the hospital, the announcement said.

The hospital immediately reported the incident to the police and later confirmed that the psychiatrists and patients had been transferred to Guiyang No.6 Hospital, according to the announcement.

“The hospital believes this is a planned incident that severely infringes on the patients’ guardians’ right to know and choose, maliciously offends the professional integrity of the medical staff, and tramples industry rules for healthy competition…” the hospital said, and it will “hold the involved medical staffers accountable according to the law”.



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