Mental Donation
Mental Donation

PsycHealth Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), has donated hampers to mentally ill patients discharged from the hospital but were undergoing treatments from their homes as part of its upcoming valentine’s day celebration.

The donation which was made in Accra was part of the NGO’s steps to promote the mental health and to put smiles on the faces of the patients and examine their response to the domicile treatments they were being given as well as the support they were receiving from families, friends and society.

PsycHealth Ghana undertook the exercise with support from the Accra Psychiatric and Achimota Hospital.

Ms Baaba Botchway, the Founder of PsycHealth Ghana, said the NGO prioritised mental health patients, saying, “Our existence as an organisation is to show love to persons with mental disorders and to let them know they have a role to play in the society”.

She said some of the patients visited were responding well to treatment which was a good sign and encouraged other organisations to support the vulnerable in the society.

“A major challenge the organisation faced was financial constraint because people hesitated to give out donations to support mental health issues which leads leads to the neglect of mental health patients,” Ms Botchway added.

She noted that there were other programmes that were in the pipeline but could only be achieved with adequate funds.

Ms Botchway, who is also the Team Leader of the NGO, called for support from the government, religious groups, civil society organisations and individuals to extend financial support to the foundation to champion its cause and continue to put smiles on the faces of people with mental health disorders.

One of the patients, who was diagnosed with Post-Partum Psychosis, said she was well taken care of because she had the necessary support from family and church which made it easy for her to live a normal life.

She advised other patients to heed to medical advice and take their medication seriously, to improve their conditions.

According to the patient’s mother, she was cheated by shop operators whenever she went out to shop and subsequently blamed for misplacing the change given to her due to her condition.

She said she could not work due to her daughter’s condition which needed much attention as there were many factors that could endanger her health.

PsycHealth Ghana aims at creating mental health awareness through a dedicated team using innovative programmes to reach the youth and serve as an advocate for the rights of persons with mental disorders.


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