This will discuss proxy sites and free proxy sites and tell why it is important to use a proxy server to safeguard your valuable information.

Ah, the Internet. A wonderful network that manages to connect the entire planet making it a “global village” as many have put it, in ways that no one a century ago could have ever fathomed. With the flow of information, one can be updated in a few seconds. Yet for all its virtues and almost utopic fashion, there are walls. Certain sites, or certain networks who will bar you from accessing information, cutting the flow of free information which unofficially, the Internet supports, as the Internet itself has no owner, it’s by everyone for everyone.

Let’s assume you’re at work. Perhaps you’d like to access a website in your free time, only to find a message from your local network saying: “No, this site is not possible to access as we do not allow it.” Unfortunate, especially when in most of the cases, the site you need to access is completely harmless.

This is usually the case.  What if you’re an American just spending some vacations in Europe and need to go watch the newest episode of your favorite TV show yet cannot because the site used geographical entry permissions? (In other words, you need to be in America to access it).

Everything you do on the Internet, someone is watching. Websites that want to steal your information can track you through you ISP or your network. Perhaps you’d like to keep things fully private to yourself. Well there is an answer and a way to make all these three cases possible.

They’re called proxy sites.

So what are proxy sites exactly? A good way to describe them is to imagine yourself in a masquerade ball, whereas the name itself implies, everyone present is masked and not immediately recognizable. The proxies are the “masks”, cloaking your internet appearance, and replacing it with something else. They can also get past relatively simple network barriers. So yes, the person at work gets to access his websites, the American tourist in Europe can access their US only websites, and as you’re using a completely different appearance, no one but the proxy really knows what you’re up to, thus keeping your privacy intact. To have one of these at hand is always an advantage, as you never know when you might end up in a completely clamped and censor based environment. A free proxy is the key to circumvent all that.

There are many proxies available on the Internet, and for virtually any country. While it is generally true that paid proxies will yield a better service than the free alternative, these can also get the job done as good if not better than some proxies in which you need to pay for.  Search online for available proxy sites.  You will feel much more comfortable browsing the internet if you know that you are not being watched and not having your information ripped off.  It is not anyone else’s business what you do on the internet so you should do the best you can to safeguard yourself.

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