The National Chairman of the Progressive Transport Owners Association [PROTOA], Mr. Amoabeng Peprah has appealed to commercial drivers to ensure that they make this year?s yuletide and accident-free one and even beyond the festivities.

He has also charged pedestrians and other road users not to do anything that can lead to road accident during the yuletide.

According to him, road safety is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders by ensuring that road traffic regulations are strictly adhered to during occasions such as Christmas.

Mr. Peprah also warned transport owners to stop putting undue pressure on their drivers by increasing their daily sales arbitrarily, particularly during such occasions.

He noted that this pressure often compels the driver to over speed so as to meet the daily sales set by his car owner.

The PROTOA Chairman again contended that several accidents have occurred in the past on occasions of celebration of Christmas, and this he said is an unhealthy development which should not be entertained.

He has therefore advised drivers not to be in haste in commuting passengers and also do routine mentainance checks on their vehicles periodically.

He also appealed to the police to embark on rampant road checks, as that he said could scare drivers who drive carelessly, especially on such occasions.




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