Prostitutes who take their stands at the Cantonments Roundabout in Accra now openly show their private parts without fear or favor, this is in their attempt to attract customers. 

Contrary to perception that the profession is losing steam among practitioners in the country, our investigations have uncovered that more people join  the trade on daily basis. Not only is the list of practitioners in Accra increasing but the clientele base is fantastic as well especially at the above mentioned ?joint? and  this is getting a lot of concerned people in the country worried.

These business of prostitution has been going on for some time now in the streets around an area noted to be surrounded by expensive residential accommodation structures deemed fit for diplomats and top government officials.

During our cause to unravel details of this story last week, Spy News Agency?s newshounds chanced upon a scene where personnel of the police patrol team who arrested a young lady around the area who was ?minding her business?.

The patrol team official, who was using an official police vehicle (number withheld) and looking very aggressive is believed to be there to patronize the services of these prostitutes. He had packed right in the middle of the road and was spotted busily arguing with the lady in question after which he started physically harassing her claiming she is under arrest. When we enquired from him why she was being arrested, he claimed the lady had committed a traffic, this is contrary to our suspicion that it was due to the profession she was practicing.

Latter in a chart, the official said, each time they sack those prostitutes on the street, they return almost immediately.

Their customers pack on the streets, causing danger to other road users. Most of these girls are believed to be of Nigerian and Liberian nationalities and they start this business in partnership with some Ghanaian girls.

Spy News Agency has discovered a hostel inside Osu and another one at Laboni where these prostitutes are housed and comes out only at night to do their business.  It was also discovered that room owners in these communities have astronomically increased their rent charges because the ?foreigners pay more?.

Spy News Agency promises to keep you posted on this developing story.

Source: Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu/Spy News Agency


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