For some time now the issue of prostate cancer treatment has generated some controversies. The recent one I read on modernghana with the headline? Doctors worried over fake treatment for prostate cancer? available at https://www.modernghana.com/…/doctors-worried-o…ModernGhana.com

I read most of the comments and some are calling on the minister and state institution to close down on this local herbal center. Read more at: http://www.modernghana.com/newsthread1/642158/1/322669#showcomments2

These are some of the unedited comments I came across on modernghana

?The pe*is be very important organ because that be what de deterrmine the populatiion. The state must protect our pe*is. The pe*is is the only thing we have to sugar daddy the young women when we are old. President John Mahama must prove that he can protect my pe*is when i am old else me a go vex am paa. pe*is too we de joke plus am? Eiiii
?Dumsor can affect everything but not my langalanga. I need am when i am old ooo. The butiful ones are yet to be born and i de wait for them. Oh these herbalist them be dangerius. Who chop my money when i am old??

The chronicle also on the January 15, 2015 available at thechronicle.com.gh ? News also stated that,Dr. James Edward Mensah, head of the Urology department at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has called on government to institute measures to prosecute practitioners in the herbal sector who claim they have treatment for prostate cancer.

According to him, these self-acclaimed herbal doctors do not have scientific knowledge about the disease; rather they are amassing wealth out of the ignorance of people who visit their facilities for treatment.
Prostate cancer is a disease that starts from the prostate gland. The prostate is a small, walnut-sized structure that makes up part of a man?s reproductive system. It wraps around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body. Dr. Mensah explained that these herbal doctors are just misinforming and killing people in the country, as a result of their activities.

He continued that it is difficult to diagnose and predict the symptoms of prostate cancer at its early stages; hence it beats his imagination as to how these herbal doctors treat people with prostate cancer. Dr. James Mensah made the call when management of Tullow, Ghana, presented GH?10, 000 cheque to the Urology department of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital over the weekend, at a short but impressive ceremony.

Apart from pressing on government to prosecute herbal doctors who claim to have treatment for prostate cancer, the Head of the Korle-Bu Urology Department appealed to government to make financial and logistic resources available for the training of doctors in urology.

According to him, capacity building and awareness creation are other areas for consideration towards the fight against prostate cancer in the country since the rate of the disease is quite alarming. He continued that, about 150 men visit the facility every day, with other cases becoming complicated and leading to the use of catheter to enable them urinate after they have used certain concoctions prepared by these herbal practitioners.

Dr. Mensah further pointed out that, about 508 men weekly visit the facility for replacement of their catheter.
My comments:
You see, though I admit that some herbal practitioners are really misinforming and rather doing more harm than good to the vulnerable men diagnosed with prostate cancer,the question is ?what are the contributions of conventional treatment in the county?

Is conventional medicine also superior? Is it with no side effects? What are the conventional practitioner?sespecially the urologist doing to address the side effect of prostate cancer treatment in the country? What policy have they laid down for Ghanaian diagnosed with prostate cancer? What are they doing to help raise awareness on the disease so that men will know much about the disease?

What agenda are they pushing on the NHIS for men who opt for conventional treatment? Do men who opt for conventional treatment gets the benefit of the amount they paid for the treatment? None of the conventional treatment for prostate cancer is also superior and prostate cancer treatment is an informed decision simply is by choice, you the patient must make you informed decision on treatment.

You see, the truth is also that about 99.99% of herbal or alternative practitioners in Ghana do not have much knowledge in the diagnosis, management of the disease and the behavior of the disease in general. The issue is not about government prosecuting herbal practitioners but what the expert from the conventional practitioners have to do is to rather collaborate with herbal or alternative practitioners who are making these claims to ascertain the efficacy of their medicines or treatment regime to find out the truth because conventional treatment is also not working andpeople are looking for other ways of managing their diseases.

But it rather appears that the issue here of concerned is the supposed wealth the herbal practitioners are amassing but not rather helping to solve the problem in the country. Ghana can be a medical powerhouse if we research into alternative medicines.

If the government or agencies can invest into alternative medicines we can make a break through. Gone were the days where alternative medical practitioners were not educated but now some are educated to the PhD levels and have specialize in the field.

Recently, In Jamaican, Jamaican Scientist Dr. Henry Lowe , whose work on prostate cancer is well known, yes well known despite the shut out from the powers that be, was awarded a Patent on his cure and medicine for prostate cancer.

This is special, very special and once again proves we are as small as we want to be. Size matters only if you think small. The fight for cancer is a worldwide battle that some want to use to rake in billions at the expense of people dying. Dr Lowe?s work is from the heart, from a place where he was affected by friends and loved ones dying of cancer so finding a cure was for him a labor of love.

Yes, I am a registered alternative medical practitioner and well vested in the field of prostate cancer and have work in almost the big herbal hospitals in the country and I can tell you that most of them their motives are just making the money for that one I agreed but they havehelp in raising awareness on prostate cancer. Their challenge is how to differentiate between prostate cancer and men with enlarged prostate and also because the symptoms are almost the same they treat the disease the same so eventually if your symptoms improved then the say you are cured of your cancer.

There are notable case studies, for example a man diagnosed with biopsy proven prostate cancer. At the time of diagnosis his PSA was 48.9ng/ml after relying on the treatment for long and his symptoms improved he went to recheck his PSA but was surprised to see his PSA went up to 3,057ng/ml and lots of them if I want to go.

Currently, as a PhD candidate in prostate cancer and alternative medicines and researching into the plant currently used by herbal practitioners to managed men with prostate disease-croton membranaceus , I can tell you with confidence that if you rely on that plant for prostate cancer you are gambling with your cancer but if it is enlarged prostate then you don?t have a problem however, even with enlarged prostate using this as a single ingredient is also not beneficial it comes with lots of recurrence but if you combined it with other evidence based plant or ingredients that support prostate health it is very effective as I discover in my PhD research.

The truth is that currently in Ghana no herbal or practitioner have found cure for prostate cancer and no evidence exit using local herbal medicines to cure prostate cancer in any scientific journal, however we can do it if we collaborate on this issue to find cure for prostate cancer because the plant ?croton membranacues needs lot of studies. We are looking for evidence based medicine and not theoretical medicines, most of the herbal practitioner?s claims are theoretical and not scientific.

So, Let us raise little David high enough to challenge Golliath, challenge the System and challenge the status quo. The cure for cancer is not a luxury, it is a human need. No man should use this need to profit for their personal gains. Something is wrong when we let people die for money. I applaud Dr. Lowe and hope through his work many will live to enjoy the gift of life.

The renowned Jamaican scientist and entrepreneur Dr Henry Lowe has been awarded a second patent from the world?s leading United States Patent Office on the anti-cancer activities of the ball moss. The patent was issued on May 6 and titled,? Methods for inhibiting prostate cancer by kinases and angiogenesis inhibitory mechanisms.?Dr Joseph L. Bryant of the University of Maryland shares the patent with Dr Lowe.

The patent states that the ball moss isolates have been demonstrated to inhibit the growth and viability of prostate cancer cells by selectively inhibiting certain types of proteins called kinases, which signals the directive for cancer cells to grow and spread. The mechanism also prevents angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels to feed the cancer tumours.

According to Dr Lowe, his passion for prostate cancer research ?is not only because it has impacted negatively on the health of family members and friends, but also because it is one of the major cancers which cause death and harm to the majority of black males, throughout the world, particularly here in Jamaica.?
Not only has he been doing laboratory and clinical work on prostate cancer with ball moss isolates and alpha prostate formula, Lowe is the lead author in the development of a book, The Prostate Cancer Guide ? a resource for Jamaican men and their families, which was sold out and is being updated for a second publication.

Three years ago, at the launch of the Bio-Tech R&D Institute (which he founded) Dr Lowe promised to develop a nutraceutical called alpha prostate formula, with ball moss as the major ingredient in the formulation. This product was developed as promised and is now being sold internationally as a nutraceutical for the management of prostate health. Alpha prostate formula also boasts the distinction of being the only such product in the world.

Dr Lowe has published 12 peer-reviewed research papers on ball moss in leading academic journals and his discoveries and publications make him the world?s authority on this subject. He is the first person to have discovered that the ball moss has major bio-medicinal properties.

So any herbal practitioner who claim to find cure for prostate cancer should use Dr. Lowe?s procedure and conventional doctors also underestimate the dire consequences of their treatments as to them there is no other way. But stats say that 3 years later 70% of men suffer from the side effects of their treatments! Herbal practitioners in Ghana can also claim patents for their work if indeed is true we are looking for cure and solving medical issues and not controversies.

That’s why we as alternative practitioners we looked for another way. Using natural prostate treatments proves to be far better without the risks of conventional prostate treatments but it should be evidence based.

I have used my years of research and testing to see what works and what doesn’t in alternative medicines. You will save a lot of time and hassle and a lot of money by not spending on unproven treatments. You will find here safe and effective prostate remedies to treat your prostate problem, so that you;

Induce profound healing
Achieve positive rather than debilitating side effects
Save time and money
Create much better overall health
Restore your sex and love life
Soas diagnosed prostate cancer patient, evidence based alternative medicines plays a significant role in your cancer journey only if you have a good practitioner who understand the treatment regime and the disease so make sure you know the back ground of the practitioner. From next week, I will show you tip for choosing prostate cancer treatment so you don?t follow media advertisement and waste your money. I will also start writing on the type of alternative treatments for prostate cancer that is evidence based. So See you and stay here. You get in touch with me on 0500106570 or invite me to your organization, church or men?s club and let discus men?s health

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered Naturopathic doctor who specializes in prostate cancer and a PhD candidate in prostate cancer and alternative medicines ?IBAM Academy, Kolkata, India. My research focuses on men of West African descent and prostate cancer and the dangme people. He can be reached on 0500106570 for all contributions. E-mail:[email protected] He is the director of Men?s Health Foundation Ghana; De Men?s Clinic & Prostate Research Lab-Dodowa,Akoo House. He is currently working on his book? The state of the dangme?


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