The General Overseer of the wonderful Jesus Chapel International, Archbishop Elijah Tetteh, has revealed that Ghana would soon be losing a high level Minister of State if prayers are not intensified.

According to Prophet Elijah, the impending death of the said Minister of State whose identity he declined to reveal for security reasons would happen as a surprise just as it happened recently with the former Volta regional minister, the late Ford Kamel.

He said the death of the minister of state will seal the numerous fire outbreaks that have bedeviled the country for some months now. He notes that the sins committed during the 2012 general elections are the cause of the recent calamities visiting the people of Ghana.

He, therefore, urged ministers and government officials to desist from visiting shrines and idols for help and protection since God is now ready and willing to punish all such ministers and government officials with death.

It will be recalled that Archbishop Saint Elijah Tetteh, in an interview with The New Crusading Guide in the month of June 2013 warned that Ghana would continue to experience more tragedy if the people fail to intensify their prayers to ask for the Lord?s mercy and forgiveness for their grievous sins.

According to the prophet of God, the destruction of markets across the country is just a tip of the iceberg as more fire outbreaks are in the pipeline. In that regard, he said factories, financial institutions and banks as well as government agencies would be affected and cause the country to lose millions of cedis and high profile personalities. This he said will occur alongside heavy floods, dreadful car accidents and mysterious deaths.

Speaking in an interview, he said the ongoing catastrophe in the country are the result of the secret activities of some politicians who sought the devils assistance in search of political power prior to the 2012 general elections. These politicians, he said used innocent blood of human beings to seek the devil for assistance. He said these politicians refused to pacify their evil masters when they got prayer.

Archbishop Elijah noted that what can be done to avert the disaster is fervent prayer. He said government and other Christian organisations should organise prayers for the country. ?I am urging Ghanaians to come together and pray effectively for the good of this country. It is obvious that Ghana is deeply divided on political lines and a nation cannot progress when its people are divided.

I urge our political leaders to leave all the political differences behind them and join hands after the court case and work for the good of the country. They must accept whatever ruling from the Supreme Court and unite for the good of the country?.

He also advised Ghanaian prophets and men of God to be civil and avoid engaging in fraudulent and immoral activities that usually give them a bad name in the media, ?The behaviour of some of our men of God nowadays is shameful and its time they put a stop to these things. We must also know that some people claiming to be men of God are those operating as agents of the devil and with that they will continue to do evil. I therefore urge them? he said.

Archbishop Saint Elijah Tetteh, a native of Krobo Odumasi in the Eastern Region had the gift of God at the age of 12 years. (NEW CRUSADING GUIDE)


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