student with testkitstudent with testkit
student with testkit
student with testkitstudent with testkit
student with testkit

Community enthusiastic about water quality monitoring?

In June and July the non profit organization ProNettrained youth, teachers and community members in the Barekese Basin in Ashanti Regionabout the importance of water safety and water quality. ProNet? taught the attendees how to use the World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC) testkit in order to measure the qualityof water.

ProNet visited three communities and schools in Penteng, Nsuontemand Barekuma. Furthermore three schools, Ntabanu D/A, Akrofrom D/A and Barekese D/A, were on the programme.The Chairman of the community in Nsuontem, Mr. FarouqFokuo, was very enthusiastic:? ?I am glad we have such a project going on in our community. Today?s training which exposed us to some water quality parameters, has educated us a lot on the practices that results in deteriorating the quality of the river and the financial impact it is having on water treatment in our country. If it had not been for this project being run by the Government of Ghana and the European Union , I wouldn?t have known the things I now know. For instance, water temperature and its impact on the water body. I will take it upon myself henceforth and educate my community members especially those who farm along the river banks to desist from those practices that are polluting our river.?


Director, Mr. AdjeiBrenya of the Barekuma D/A JHS said: ?I am very excited today to be part of the training on awareness creation on water quality. I am optimistic that the program will go a long way to help protect the river Offin and if extended to other places other water bodies in the country will be protected. I know some communities along the river bank rely on the water for their needs and its usually difficult to approach them and tell them to put a stop to these acts.But because we have insufficient knowledge about water quality, it?s difficult to tell these people to stop the act. Now with the help of this testkit we all saw the changes the water was going through in the course of the test and the result has shown us that the quality of the water is not the best, hence the need for us to do more. For the sake of evidence I will give whoever is doubtful the testkit to also conduct the test. I would like to thank the Government of Ghana, the European Union, GWCL, IWA, PRONET and the other stakeholders for their support.?

GwerndolinAsuako who is fourteen years old and attends the Penteng D/A JHS school in? Penteng Community was impressed by the training and tests: ?I never knew the impact of temperature on a river or in water bodies, but today?s training using the testkit has enlightened me alot. When I get home, I will practice as well as educate family and friends on water testing, something I couldn?t have done without the testkit.?


EU Project
The trainings and workshops in June and July are part of a range of trainings which will be executed in the Barekese region in order to raise awareness about water safety in the region. The organiser of the training is the Ghana Global Professional Network (ProNet), a non-profit organization dedicated to sustain a network of dynamic, determined, and innovative professional Ghanaians and friends of Ghana across the globe.
The trainings and workshops belong to the EU fundedproject ?Capacity Building in Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance for Ghana?. Within this EU funded project technical staff and analysts of GWCL labs will be trained. Moreover the cooperation between the partners involved in water quality will be stimulated.

To ensure awareness and knowledge about water quality monitoring, the project targets towards a contribution to extend awareness within governmental institutions, the general public and operators, regarding drinking water- and environmental water resource quality. As such this will contribute to a strengthening of the institutional section of the water sector in Ghana.



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