Promzy Afrika in a latest interview has revealed he left Prodigal and Zeal because the group lost its spark.

?When I was out of the group Roro and I thought ?what was the essence of having all these great songs without anyone knowing about them.? The rapper told AM Pluzz; ?So we released one or two songs but this single is the official single and marks the beginning of my solo career.?

Touching on the reason he abandoned his group mates for a solo career, he continued;

?I didn?t leave VIP like I was leaving, it was a suggestion I brought on the table and I thought my brothers could not understand what I was saying because it got to a point whatever we were doing was the same old thing and one way. We got to a point where we needed to calculate and behave in a matured way and do things that will give back to the society.?

?So I brought the idea but at the end of the day it seems it didn?t work out well. Up to now, I?m still surprised and I haven?t spoken about this for few years because I?m still in shock. But at the end of the day, things happen for a reason.?

?So many things have gone wrong and people have said stuff I decided to be quite because I know sometimes things happen. If you try to make certain things work and it?s not working you just have to let it be.?

Promzy Afrika is now ready to bounce back to music and has revealed his new single All About You features Wolomei?s Naa Amanua will premier soon. He also has a record with Daddy DL Lumba in the works.



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