On the night of 6th February, the Korle Gonno Addai Park was full of happiness and excitement as the people came out in their numbers to welcome the PPP and Dr. Nduom as late as 10:30 PM.

Dr. Nduom in his speech to the crowd urged them not always go where the path may lead; instead he asked them to do something different in 2012 and vote for the Progressive People’s Party as an alternative to the NPP and the NDC.  He asked them to give him a chance and vote for him as the candidate who has what it takes to do the job of the President of the Republic of Ghana successfully and avoid the kinds of problems being experienced in the country currently.  He added that it is a human being – man or woman – who occupies the presidency not political party affiliation and so Ghanaians should choose the best for the job.

Dr. Nduom who had been in Canada and the United States to attend a board meeting and take of some business assignments over the past three weeks also took time out to encourage Ghanaians in the diaspora to form chapters of the Progressive Peoples Party in Ottawa, Toronto, Houston, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco etc. People in Ghanaian communities in these cities have taken up the challenge to form PPP chapters to support the 2012 campaign effort.

Dr. Nduom, upon his arrival at the Kotoka International Airport at about 10:00 PM went straight to the meet the people of Korle Gonno who were anxiously waiting for Edwumawura in their numbers. The Korle Gonno Addai Park was full with both the young and the old. The youth formed the majority of the crowd. The atmosphere was very colorful and exciting.

In his speech to the people he spoke about the PPP’s determination to make proper stewardship, job creation, education and healthcare the cornerstone of its policies for a prosperous Ghana.  Dr. Nduom was emphatic about the new party’s commitment to eradicate malaria and other preventable diseases from Ghana.  Through a single purpose drive to clean our environment and ensure good sanitation everywhere in Ghana, Dr. Nduom was confident that malaria can be banished from our country working with a sense of urgency.  He said that other countries in Europe and Asia had experienced malaria in the past and had gotten rid of that health menace and Ghana will do it under a PPP Administration.

Finally, Dr. Nduom asked them to let their attendance at the Korle Gonno Addai Park reflect in the December 2012 elections with a huge vote for the Progressive People’s Party.

Also present at the meeting was the Interim National Secretary of the PPP, Mr. Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, Members of the 20 member constituency Executive and Some volunteers who had made the even successful.

Awake Ghana!

Richmond Keelson

Director of Communications



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