University of Education Winneba
University of Education Winneba

In an insult-laden article titled, “Kennedy Agyepong’s Useless Ranting on UEW Impasse”, Prof. Victor K. Owusu made a number of baseless allegations against the honourable MP. It is amazing that an ex Minister (albeit failed) should descend this low.

While expressing worry about UEW being turned into a political field, Prof. Victor K. Owusu had forgotten that only a few months ago, he organised a political rally on campus. This failed individual has ignored the many political talks that pervade the teachings of Zigah, Quarshie and Agbeshie.

Miserable Prof. Victor K. Owusu has forgotten that he was very instrumental in granting the use of the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre to his party for their political rally, and turned down the request for another party only a few days later.

Someone should remind this failed individual that Honourable Kennedy Agyepong is a very successful businessman, philanthropist and courageous patriotic citizen. Honourable Kennedy Agyepong does not need a contract at UEW. It’s funny how Prof. Victor K. Owusu became so nervous on hearing that the Assin Central MP had visited UEW recently, when in fact for nearly 20 years, TESCON UEW will attest to his regular visits. Why is this dismissed Minister Prof. Victor K. Owusu not commenting on the numerous night visits of Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa weeks prior to the Rambo-style appointment of Prof. Avoke as the VC of UEW in 2015? Was UEW a political field then?

Prof. Victor K. Owusu should start looking for genuine money to run his so-called NGO instead of subtly filling gallons of fuel at UEW expense down south and carrying same in his UEW official pick-up for his private journeys up north. Sadly, he is not even ashamed of this illegal undertaking. Thankfully, the fuel station has been duly advised about this potentially criminal act.

Instead of scouting for good attorneys to help defend his paymasters, Prof. Victor K. Owusu goes round spewing lies about respectable citizens. Is it out of jealousy or sheer hatred for genuine success? While scouting for better defence for his interdicted friends, he should also work harder at concealing his real date of birth!!! (More on that soon!)

I will NEVER refer to someone’s father as “foolish” as Prof. Victor K. Owusu did to my late father. Only a foolish person like Prof. Victor K. Owusu would do that. It is me that is giving you and your paymasters, sleepless nights, NOT my father who passed away more than 30 years ago.

Prof. Victor K. Owusu and his family, would most likely have patronised the services of my late dad’s transport in the 70’s and early 80’s. The aphorisms on his vehicles were: “If you do good, you do for yourself” at the front and “If you do bad you do for yourself” at the back. Remember that in your student days?

Those days, on arrival in Bolga from our village on market days, we used to go to Tongo, Sheiga, Shia-Tindong, Zoko, Bongo, etc to transport passengers to Bolga to undertake their businesses.
There were not more than 10 commercial vehicles in Bolga around this time. Alhaji Bawah Ayamga and Alhaji I. D. Danladi were believed to be the richest men in the area.
Some of the popular aphorisms in Bolga those days, were ‘Ageisheka’, ‘Original BB’, ‘Go Man Go’, ‘Western Germany Super’, ‘Our Father’, ‘Baa Fada’ etc.

I entreat failed academic and mentally deranged Prof. Victor K. Owusu to talk to Alhaji Abuba Shaibu, the boss of Nasona Ltd., to get some education on who my late dad really was, as Alhaji Abuba Shaibu is a living testimony of my late hardworking, honest and successful peasant farmer!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)


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