Wpid Komla Dumor X
Komla Dumor Rest In Peace
wpid-komla-dumor-620x400.jpgIn the month of January 2014, Ama Ghana has called to glory two of her best resources for human kind. One was still prime and the other ripped stage.i read somewhere and it was stated “a nation has fallen” being Prof Ewurama because if “you educate a woman, you have educated a nation”. Then others said a green leave has fallen because Komla was still prime if life begins at forty is anything to go by.
Prof Ewurama ( Ewura a oye oman- a lady who nurtured a nation ) Addy dared and ventured into an area of study that was masculine dominated and excelled beyond definition and that feet alone created revolution for the feminine world in academia and professional career. She was indeed an epitome of womanhood who made sure all she was, was for the sake of her people and their development.
Komla Dumor(do more) was an audacious young man who believed in the welfare of the people. He believed in his origin and giftings to make an impact worth celebrating. He also ?ventured and push through an arena that was not professionally the grounds for an African. To the point of being assigned the face of BBC for the upcoming World Cup, no event in the world is bigger than this gathering ?of mights because of football. He indeed is a new definition of audacity and journalism.
These two personalities demise is a symbol of clarion call. One calling one the feminine gender to assume the roles of mothering in every area of their lives for the betterment of the nation. Daring to dream and practically pursuing it not just for accolades but fulfillment. A challenge to believe in the Ghanaian womanhood and preserving her identity and culture.
The other is calling for a new way of practicing journalism, defeating the status quo of mediocre journalism. A clarion call to young men to be selflessly audacious for the development and advancement of mother Ghana and Africa at large. The challenge to rise up to the occasion when knees are staggering in the face of challenges. And the heart to risk and take opportunities as they come. He urge us all on never to abandoned our roots no matter how far we go or climb.
These lustrous daughter and son of the land has demystified ” process”as not long or short to make an impact. We must reposition ourselves to blazing on a journey that will get others to recount our achievements.
May they rest in perfect peace after a battle well fought.
God bless them
God bless our home land Ghana?


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