Professor Dominic Fobih

Professor Dominic Fobih, a former Minister for Lands, Mines and Forestry during the erstwhile Kufuor administration has confirmed to Radio XYZ that her daughter has died in a fatal accident at Okponglo near the University of Ghana.

19-year-old Lordina Fobih together with a friend, Debbie Akosua Benaya died on the Spot after a garbage truck traveling from Madina to Accra run into their taxi cab heading to the University.

Both Lordina Fobih and Ms. Debbie Akosua Benaya are all level hundred students of the university.

Prof. Fobih who was also one time Education and Sports Minister confirmed the death of her daughter to Radio XYZ.

He told XYZ News that her daughter was returning to the University of Ghana?s campus when the unfortunate incident occurred.

The driver of the taxi cab is however receiving treatment after he sustained some serious injuries. He has also been put in the custody of the Police.

An eyewitness recounted to XYZ News that ?the traffic light was showing amber continuously. The taxi was moving from Okponglo to the University of Ghana and the Garbage truck was moving from Madina to Accra so at the traffic light both did not stop.?

?As a result, the truck hit the side of the taxi and rammed it into one of the traffic lights?.


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