“I Don’t Take Instructions from National Security”

..As he took decision and signed Prof. Hesse’s Appointment Letter


Prosper Agbenyega

Reliable information reaching The Ghanaian Trust has it that the mess being experienced at the nation’s premier hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), is as a result of a unilateral decision taken by the Korle-Bu Board Chairman Rev. Prof. Seth Andrews Aryeetey to confirm Prof. Afua Hesse’s appointment as Director of Medical Affairs even though there were serious lapses on her part during appointment of Directors by the board.

This paper has gathered from reliable sources that, Prof. Aryeetey in taking such a decision, defied a National Security directive that the Board must hold on to the appointment of Afua Hesse, but to go ahead and appoint all the other Directors shortlisted.

A Presidential appointee on the Korle-Bu Board, Madam Stella Quaye who revealed this in an exclusive interview on Hot Fm’s Radio Programme, ‘Ghana Must Know,’ on Saturday, February 4th 2012, said at the time the board was trying appointed individuals to their various positions, the Board received a letter from the National Security, which was read to members of the board by the Chairman, but failed to give copies of the letter to the members and also in his unilateral decision to prepare the Board Minutes failed to capture this in the Minutes of the Board on that day.

However, Board took the decision to wait for the report on Afua Hesse from the National Security but before the report could come, the Board Chairman had gone ahead to unilaterally appointed her to the position as Director of Medical Affairs.

But, interestingly, Prof. Aryeetey who has made himself an overlord of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and a demigod to whom all knees must bow, stated unequivocally when contacted on Afua Hesse’s appointment that, “I don’t take instructions from anybody, not even National Security,” and sat in a meeting as the Chairman of KBTH Board and confirmed Prof. Afua Hesse as the Director of Medical Affairs after her probation period despite serious trail offs on her part. He also went ahead to sign Prof. Afua Hesse’s appointment letter dated 8th April, 2010, when her application was submitted for the position of Director of Medical Affairs on 29th October, 2009, and was received and stamped by the CEO, on 30th October, 2009, after deceiving the Board members that Prof. Afua Hesse at the time had resigned from her position at the Medical School.

This singular act by Rev. Prof. Aryeetey created opportunities for Prof. Hesse to enable her to allegedly steal and receive “top-up” from KBTH that is meant for only UGMS consultants and not for KBTH staff, where she currently, is a full-time employee according to her appointment letter which took effect on the 1st of May 2010. It has also been discovered that Prof. Hesse’s inability to formally resign from the     Medical school is to enable her enjoy the benefits of the top up which, according to Act 525 is illegal due to her full time employment at the hospital.

However, having been caught in lots of financial malpractices, she (Hesse) is denying being an employee of KBTH even though she enjoys all the pecks, such as a salary scale of GH¢2,733.00 to GH¢3,362.00 as per the Financial Administration Regulation of 1979 (LI 1234), entertainment allowances, rent allowances, responsibility allowances, free medical care, and a fully maintained official vehicle, attached to that office.

The Board Chairman and the CEO are aware of the criminal actions engaged in by Afua Hesse but are looking on. Her alleged criminal acts against the Financial Administration Regulation, is indeed affecting the financial fortunes of the hospital whiles putting stress on the Consolidated Fund.

Further investigations at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Registry indicate that Prof. Afua Hesse seek for a leave of absence during her probation period without any question from the CEO and the Chairman.

Investigation pointed to the fact that she took leave of absence on seven consecutive times, “4th June 2010, 5th July 2010, 7th February 2011, 7th May 2011, 26th May 2011, 26th September 2011 and 7th October 2011.”

Further investigation indicates that Prof. Hesse is a non performer as per her position as Director of Medical Affairs since she was outside the shores of Ghana during the recent outbreak of MRSA at the hospital, which led to death of three children and the eventual close down of the Children and the Emergency Units.

In a painstaking information gathering on Prof. Afua Hesse’s appointment and position, The Ghanaian Trust has been informed that she was still a permanent employee of University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS) when she applied for the Daily Graphic, Monday 12th October 2009 edition advertised job for a permanent position as Director of Medical affairs at KBTH.

She was shortlisted by the coercion of the Board Chairman (Prof Seth Ayettey), though not qualified by the criteria set out by the advert. She was interviewed and offered a permanent appointment letter by the Board Chairman against all odds. The Board Chairman, according to our information, allegedly informed the Board members that Prof. Afua Hesse had resigned from UGMS at the time he her the appointment letter.


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