On today,the 17th day of july 2015,I am here reaching the media on a very serious and concerned issue that the whole nation have abandoned.
church-ghanaFor a nation like Ghana to experience barbaric events from the so called MEN OF GOD in Ghana should by now be a thing of the past.
We are here and some Pastors come out to predict when people will die,when strange events will occur,when things about politicians will occur and others.
I stand here through this medium to tell the whole nation Ghana that,there is no man of God on this land.
The bible talks about getting free and giving free,the spirit of God,but some Pastors are selling the spirit,selling water,selling stickers,wrist bands,handkechiefs claiming that is where the spirit of God is dwelling and that it is more powerful.
To me,if Christians in Ghana able to do this,that means they have added to the bible which forbiden and have subtracted from the bible what is needed.
So if the Pastors say it is God that called them,they should come out and prove to all Ghanaians how their calling were done.
Also,they should come out and explain to us where they got the tittle Bishop,Reverend,Arcbishop from,because I know that,the highest position in the bible is Apostle so if indeed they are called by God,where from those names.
They should also make it clear to us why tithe,christmas,easter and still Prophets existing.
Now,I give this challenge to all the Pastors in Ghana to meet me personally wherever they invite me for us use the bible to prove to the people of Ghana that there is no Man of God in this country.
Lastly,I would also prove to Ghanaians why Christian counsel must be stopped in its operation in this country.
Hoping that this would be publish to bring the change that we want in Christianity.
source Sir Michael Yeboah


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