The electoral victory of the senate seat representing the south senatorial district of Anambra State came as a long awaited august visitor for the former Senior Special Assistant on Domestic Matters to the former President of the federal republic of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo. The victory, to most informed observers, came at the sensitive end of a long drawn out battle for the opportunity to serve at a leadership capacity for Senator Andy Uba. The opportunity brought to a temporary close the passionate struggle for Senator Uba to join the political ranks in Anambra.

Mounting the seat of Senator representing the people of southern senatorial zone in Anambra State presented what many suspect may become a Greek gift to the Uga born politician while other believed the Uga born politician may have ability to deliver a stellar performance. As at the swearing in on 2011, many of the informed spectators were unsure of the form his senator-ship will take. But it was certain the eagerness on the part of the Uga born politician was solid.

Senator Andy Uba?s arrival to the senate saw him take on the position of Chairman of the Senate House committee of Electoral Matters ? a sensitive position for a new incoming senator.

However a cursory examination into Senator Andy Uba?s performance measured in terms of his ability to cater to his constituency through developmental program ? shows what appears a latent inclination towards a pragmatic transformation of Anambra southern senatorial district. This is evident through the number and nature of constituency projects housed in the same senatorial district. Examination of the 2012 Appropriation Bill confirms the ongoing pragmatic transformation.

According to the 2012 Appropriation Bill, N349.47million worth of projects were cleared to be carried out at the constituency represented by Senator Andy Uba ? through the efforts of the Uga born politician. Specifically, the Anambra south senatorial district felt the impact of democratic dividends under five categories namely, Energy Commission, Education, Water Resources, Lands and Housing, and Millennium Development Goals [MGDs].

Energy Commission ?

N78million worth of work project ? that comprise of Solar Street lights:

Ekwulobia                                                                           N16millionOkongwu Memorial, Nnewi North                                 N12millionUmunze                                                                              N10millionOzubulu                                                                              N10millionEziama-Mgbachi Market                                                  N7millionNanka/Oko/Omogho-Ufuma road                               N13millionAzigbo-Amichi/Ebanafor                                                  N10million

Education ?

N43million worth of work project ? that comprise of building of classroom blocks:

Nwagwa primary school Uga                                              N12millionObioha central school, Nnewi                                           N5millionCommunity school, Umuomaku                                         N5millionPremier [boys] secondary school, Ogbunka                   N5millionGov?t technical college Umunze                                        N5million Central school, Adazigbo, Nnewi                                      N5millionGirls secondary school, Ukpor                                           N6million

Water Resources ?

N42million worth of work project ? that comprise of borehole installation and overhead tank:

St John Ekwulobia                                                                N10millionNkwo Uga Market                                                                N5millionNkwo Okija Market Square                                                N9millionIsseke Central School                                                          N9millionUmuonyiba village, Ufuma                                                  N9million

Lands and Housing ?

N105.5million worth of work project ? that comprise of Transformers/Solar Street Lights/Classrooms:

500KVA Transformer at Aguluezechukwu                      N8.75million500KVA Transformer at Nkpologwu                                 N8.75millionSolar street light at Nnewi North                                       N12millionSolar street light at Nnewi South                                       N12millionSolar street light at Ekwusigo                                             N12millionClassrooms/Staff rooms/Dinning at Ajalli                         N14.5millionClassrooms/Staff rooms/Dinning at Umunze                 N14.5millionClassrooms/Staff rooms/Dinning at Okija                        N14.5millionClassrooms/Staff rooms/Dinning at Ukpor                      N14.5million

Millennium Development Goals [MGDs] ?

N80.97million worth of work project ? that comprise of Transformers/Solar Street Lights/Classrooms:

500KVA Transformer at Umuowerre, Ekwulobia                                                                           N7.5million500KVA Transformer at Nkwo Market, Umunze                                                                            N7.5million500KVA Transformer at Iyaba Ngo Ozubulu                                                                                   N7.5million500KVA Transformer at Mkpoka Okpuno, Nnewichi                                                                     N7.5million500KVA Transformer at Umobinwa/Egwe/Ogwu Umuagbuci                                                      N7.5million500KVA Transformer at beside Ezinifite divisional police station Enugwu-Awor                     N7.5million3 classroom blocks with VIP toilets ? Isigwu-Nwagu Central School. Ifite Nanka                      N17.47millionSolar Street light ? St Cletus Church road, Otolo, Nnewi                                                              N6millionSolar Street light ? Umoru, Uga                                                                                                         N6million300KVA Transformer at Ohukabia, Nawfijah                                                                                   N6.5million

See enclosed document below for more details?

In all, the work project sums to a little under N400million for the fiscal year of 2012.  Aides to the Uga born politician anticipate the Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2013 will draw on the strength of 2012 ? to enable sustain the momentum of development in southern senatorial district of Anambra State.

Senator Andy Uba is currently in preps to vie for the seat of Governorship in Anambra State come 2014 under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].


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