When you want to experience the world in a whole new way, the best way to get what you want is to skip all of the traditional luxury vacations and do something completely different: a private African safari. African safaris are the crowning jewel in every luxury traveler?s photo book, and there?s nothing more exciting than traveling through Africa to snap photos of wild animals in their natural habitat and explore the Serengeti. African safaris can take place in multiple different locations throughout the continent, including in Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa, though those luxury travelers with even more cash to burn can get private safaris to nearly anywhere in Africa. Those who decide to go on an African safari are greeted with the opportunity to not only snap photos of wildlife in their natural habitat but to get as up close and personal as possible with elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes, lions, and other animals that most people see only in a zoo.

Budget-conscious travelers often travel on group safaris, and this makes the trip must more cost friendly, but for those traveling for the sake of a luxurious vacation, a group safari is a big no-no. Luxury travelers will always want to avoid groups, where waiting for others to get their gear together, use restrooms, and finish their meals and drinks can waste valuable time that could be better spent seeing the sites and exploring all that Africa has to offer. Additionally, group safaris often allow children, making it more difficult to have an adult experience, which is what most luxury travelers hope for when they spend thousands of dollars.

After a long day on Safari, budget travelers often head back to bunks or a budget hotel.

Luxury travelers have much more suitable accommodations to return to. High class camps are set up by guides for luxury travelers that include many creature comforts that you would find in a luxury hotel. Safari lodges that rival the high class hotels of the East and of Europe are never far away. Budget safaris almost always have a set itinerary that doesn?t always suit the needs or wants of those involved. But luxury African safaris are almost always completely customizable, letting you choose how you experience Africa?by jeep, by bike, by foot, by helicopter?and to where you will go?Victoria Falls, the Serengeti, or little known animal watching outposts.

High class, luxury African safaris can also be paired with many other activities that can?t be fit into a budget trip. Guests who are avid hunters may have the opportunity to turn all or part of their African safari into a hunting trip, for the chance to bring home more than woven baskets, clothing and jewelry. For those guests who need creature comforts, trips can also be customized to stop at spas and massage parlors, swanky towns with high class restaurants, and provide access to sites and activities that are normally never included in a safari. There are a lot of places to book an African Safari online, all you need to do is visit websites and find out more.

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