Ghana Prisons Service
Ghana Prisons Service

The training is part of PCEF’s pledge it made at the launch of the Efiase project, to start a training of officers of the Ghana Prisons in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Programme (PSCEP) as an effective tool to transform the hearts and minds of first the Prison Service personnel and subsequently the inmates.

Ghana Prisons Service
Ghana Prisons Service

A statement signed by Deputy Superintendent of Prisons Vitalis Aiyeh, Chief Public Relations officer and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Friday, said PCEF is devoted to promote character education as its main tool for positive character development.

It said PCEF uses PSCEP, which has a variety of courses designed to reach all ages so that the impact of character change could be realised and effective in the society.

The statement said PSCEP consist of school, the parenting, the community, prison and workplace programmes.

The NGO was organised for the purpose of maintaining a facility for authoring, manufacturing, distributing literature and multi-media presentations, conducting workshops, seminars, lecturing and conferences on a national basis with the focus on secular character educational programming and curricula in service to Ghana.



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