Apostle Chris Eruemulor, a Nigerian-based International Evangelist, has reminded African leaders to focus on addressing the challenges of poverty and other indignities faced by their peoples.

He said he saw no reason why things could not be made better for the ordinary African given the continent?s immense gift of natural and human resources.

Apostle Eruemulor, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said the missing link had been the absence of God-fearing and truthful leaders.

He has been invited to the country by the Kumasi Council of Churches (KCC) to teach at a Pastors conference and preach at a city crusade under the auspices of the KCC.

?I am convinced the continent is not too poor as we are made to believe. What our leaders ought to do is to be selfless and shun corruption in all its forms to allow for judicious application of resources entrusted in their care.?

The conference would be organized at the Golden Tulip and the crusade at the Heroes Park from August 18 to 21.

The aim is to help build the capacity of the clergy for effective propagation of the gospel, to bring hope and salvation to the people.

Apostle Eruemulor said there could be no doubt that the gospel was a powerful tool for transformation of the society.

The people must therefore not only be assisted to have better understanding of what the Bible teaches but to abide by its principles.

He made reference to some developed nations and said their progress had come on the back of the infusion and adoption of Biblical tenets in their development agenda.

He invited all Christians to patronize the programme to renew their faith.

Source : GNA/


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