?Business and ministry may indeed require distinctly skills sets but absolute integration is possible through education and training?

Peter Tsukahria, Author & Telecoms Consultant


Business Is Never Evil!

We often get amazed by Christians who see ministry calling as more important than doing business. To them, God loves people who work in direct ministry work than those who do secular work. But this is a wrong mindset. You don?t have to leave your work in the secular work to please God. Actually, there are more frustrated full time ministry workers than those working in the secular work for God. Business is never evil and this is because, it can be a tool for advancing God?s kingdom and transforming society.

Business Can Be a Tool for Advancing God?s Kingdom

Where does David Oyedepo, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham etc get funds for ministry work? When God called these people, they had virtually nothing but today they have become emblems of success and prosperity. How did that happen? Some businesspeople believed in their calling and sponsored their ministry. That was God?s way of provision for them. Where do Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonke get their funds for crusades? Of course, from entrepreneurs who believed in expanding God?s kingdom. Now imagine what will happen if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson all had serious vision for expanding the kingdom. Many struggling ministries today can totally have a relief by just a checque from one wealthy entrepreneur or business leader. This is the power of business in advancing God?s kingdom!

Business Can Be A Tool For Societal Transformation

The people transforming societies today are businesspeople and not governments. Most nations cannot do what The Bill Gates Foundation has done over years. The Rockefeller Foundations has done much more for society than governments of some nations in the world. Strive Masiyiwa and Aliko Dangote are doing more than governments of several countries put together. Such is the power of business in transforming society and affecting lives for good. This is why God wants righteous people to be involved in business. A righteous person will not sell fake drugs to make money knowing that the purpose of his business is to make society better.

So, what are the guidelines for those who desire to learn how to blend their business with ministry? Here are some perspectives:


Develop A Can Do Attitude

There is a huge lie out there that you cannot be a good Christian and a great businessperson at the same time. Consequently, many Christian business people have made little effort to grow to become big because they fear they might lose the faith if they go ?deep into the waters of business?. It can be done. We can excel in business and still serve God perfectly. It can be done!!!

God Wants To Be Involved

God is interested in everything His children do and he does not want them to separate what they do from their relationship with Him. He wants them to integrate their marriage, relationships, business and careers into their faith. This is God?s heartbeat. God wants to be totally involved in what we do. There should not be a,?no go area? in our relationship with Him. Our lives as believers is integrated and everything we do must have a link with our spiritual life.

Become Innovative and Creative

Innovations rule the world today. You won?t succeed in business merely because you love God. You have to play by the rules that govern business growth and expansion. One of the drivers of continuous business success is innovation. Our God is a creative God. He is never static as most people think. He does new things every day through mankind. What caused the demise of many businesses today is simply the inability to be creative and innovative. Some businesspeople just love to do things the same way for a very long time and would never change to do anything different. Such an attitude is inimical to business success and growth. The reality is that, things are changing every day and if you desire to remain relevant in the field of business, your rate of innovation and creativity must outrun the best in the world. Reading, learning, copying and improving, observing are ways of developing innovation and creativity.

Be Growth And Expansion Conscious

Business growth does not come by wishful thinking. Growth and expansions comes by seeking and working towards it with all seriousness. Your business will never grow automatically simply because you pray in tongues. Business is strategic. You have to make things work. Things never work by themselves in business. Commitment, hard work and discipline are the key drivers of business success, and they work real time.

Understand And Apply Reliable Business Systems

Everything in this life that works does so by a system. Most things fail when the system gets weak. As believers in business, we have to understand that we cannot succeed in business if we don?t play by the rules that govern business success in the world. Serving clients with utmost sense of commitment, delivering on time and working with strong business systems is a sure way of succeeding in business. Anyone who applies these principles will succeed. This is why people in the world seem to do well in business than believers; they respect the principles and work accordingly. Unfortunately, most Christian business people think, knowing God is just all that is needed to achieve success, even in business. Systems work and are more reliable than humans.

Set Targets And Goals And Work Towards Them Regularly

The Bible says,?Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass?. Life is meaningless without regular goals and targets in sight. Whatever you desire to see must be clearly stated and pursued. It will never happen in a vacuum. Goals give motivations and a sense of direction to business and ministry. You have to set goals for the ministry. The business also needs goals. If you don?t do these, you will be surprised spending all your time praying to the collapse of your business. Even God works with targets and goals, and if you are a Christian, you can?t leave things to chance!!!

Don?t Steal God?s Money

It is a common phenomenon for most Christian business people to steal God?s money when their businesses go through the drain. How does one pay tithe consistently when his or her business is deeply in debt? How does one fulfill other pledges to ministry support when business seems to be failing on all sides? These are real challenges that Christians in business and entrepreneurship face. That notwithstanding, the best time to be faithful in giving your tithes and offerings is when things are really difficult. That is the time to really prove your true love for God.


Business and faith can be integrated and it is possible to excel in both worlds on condition you have mastered the skills set that is required to excel in both. What we have done in this article is to inspire and give some guidelines on how it can be done. We have to stop believing the lie that business is ungodly and that business is a domain of the devil. God is the originator of business and wants his people to play central roles in the field of business and entrepreneurship in the world.


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