A new bombshell biography,?Prince Harry:?Brother, Soldier, Son, paints a defamatory picture of the young royal and claims to expose secrets of Prince Harry?s childhood.

diana-harryNow, in the new issue of?In Touch, Princess Diana?s former butler and longtime confidant sets the record straight in an exclusive interview. ?This sensationalism is pure?fiction,? Paul Burrell tells?In Touch?exclusively. ?This is yet another?author taking potshots.?

Penny Junor, the author of the bio ? and a friend of Harry?s father, Prince Charles?? insists to?In Touch:??I?m not bashing anyone. I believe the story I tell is a correct one.? She also claims the book was approved?by ?Harry?s team.?

But Burrell insists?there?s no way Harry collaborated.??[Harry] certainly would not condone?any publication which sullied the?memory of Diana,? he tells the mag. ?[It?s?sad] that an author who doesn?t know?Harry has dug up [false] ammunition?with which to sell her book.?




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