Princess Anne
Princess Anne

Princess Anne has visited the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth, southern England, in celebration of the centenary of a journal, The Naval Review, at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


The 62-year-old royal enjoyed a day engrossed in the history of Portsmouth, southern England, as she took in the newly-opened museum to celebrate the centenary of journal The Naval Review at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Anne used the opportunity to explore the grounds, view King Henry VIII’s ship and even draw a bow.

Rear-Admiral John Lippiett, who is the Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust and a trustee of The Naval Review, told the Portsmouth News: “It was tremendous to have a visit from the royal family, but also to have the number of people we have been seeing since the opening of the museum.

“I understand we have just passed the 130,000 mark.

“The Princess Royal is the first, I’m sure, of the royal family who would wish to come and see us.

“I’m sure there will be others but it just goes to show the level of interest, nationally and internationally, of this exhibition.”

What’s more, the princess met a number of authors who have contributed to The Naval Review, which has been published quarterly since 1919 and aims to encourage discussion on subjects including the naval strategy and tactics.


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