millsA leading member of the Peoples’ National Convention (PNC), Dr. Sontim Tobiga, has equated President Mills’ character to that of former presidents Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. Hilla Limman.
Dr. Tobiga insists that President Mills’ character is impeccable and therefore Ghanaians should vote for leaders with such high moral lifestyles.
Dr Tobiga made these assertions on Radio XYZ 93.1 FM’s current affairs programme, The Analyst, on Saturday. He stated that:
“One thing I would like to put on record is that most of us, including me, appreciate President Mills, who has a long history of incorruptibility. No matter what anybody will say that man is a national hero when it comes to moral integrity.”
He however could not say if that puts President Mills ahead of the pack in the upcoming elections. He insisted though that, the president is miles ahead as far as his moral uprightness is concerned and called on Ghanaians to extol these credentials in political leaders.
“People like Dr. Limann, President Nkrumah and Prof. Atta Mills are national moral characters that we should not gloss over. If I have my child and he asks me ‘who do you want me to be like?’ I will say ‘I will like you to be like President Atta Mills’,” he added.
Touching on the tickets of the two main political parties, Dr. Tobiga stated that the selection of northerners as running-mates by both the ruling NDC and the opposition NPP is a test case for the parties to look at electing a northerner as flagbearers in the future.
Vice President John Mahama and Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia will both run as vice presidential candidates in the December polls.
But the former Treasurer of the PNC indicated that, “I hope and believe that this time round at least the people of the north will begin to see what is happening in the NDC and the NPP. These vice presidential candidates cannot be errand boys so that at the end of every term, they go and pick somebody from the north to come around and be sitting down.”


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