Edward Mahama
Edward Mahama

Some regional executives of the People’s National Convention (PNC) have called for the immediate resignation of the party’s flag bearer, Dr Edward Mahama.

Edward Mahama
Edward Mahama
According to the party executives, their flagbearer has incurred their wrath for tweeting earlier that he was ready to announce his running mate ahead of the December polls without consulting them.

“…He (Dr Mahama) is supposed to name whoever he wants to be his running mate but it is supposed to be in a quiet way where we, NEC, will decide to accept our vice-presidential candidate or not. But then he went ahead and will be doing all these things. The NEC itself is not [concerned] about announcing the vice presidential candidate, that is not what we want. We want PNC to be more vibrant to compete with NPP and NDC, not announcing the vice-presidential nominee,” the PNC Chairman for Greater Accra, Bala Maekanka has told Class FM.

He argues that the flagbearer is “sleeping” and must therefore resign.

“…He is sleeping; he is totally sleeping. When you look at the terrain, look at the proliferation of television stations, check all the TV stations, what are we doing? He is the flag bearer and the leader of the party, but seriously we in the Greater Accra Region have been quiet for almost two months because we don’t even have a manifesto to campaign on and then we don’t even have logistics. You claim to be the leader and flag bearer and you don’t even have one pick-up for yourself,”

he stated.

“This is not the first time that Dr Mahama has been a flag bearer. He was there since 1996, 2000, and 2004. So, for 20 years, if he couldn’t do it, how will he be able to do it now? I am one of those who put him there, I was the main ingredient why he became the flag bearer of the PNC, so if today we say he must resign, he has to, because there are a lot of things that this man is supposed to do for us that he is not doing. He is much busier taking care of his hospital and taking care of his patients. Even though it is a good thing altogether, he should let us know that he wants to concentrate on his hospital than being the president of this nation,” he added.

Source: pulse.com.gh


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