North Korea strongly rejected the United Nations Security Council’s presidential statement on Pyongyang’s recent attempt to launch a satellite.

The statement, approved by all 15 council members, said that any use of ballistic missile technology, even characterized as a satellite launch, is a serious violation of UN resolutions.

Pyongyang resolutely responded, claiming their sovereign right to reach outer space in accordance with international law.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry further argued that the US is preventing peaceful activities with countries that are not aligned with Washington.

In a statement, carried by North Korea’s official news agency on Tuesday, North Korea completely rejected the UN’s actions, deeming their behavior unreasonable and in violation of their legitimate right to launch a satellite.

North Korea also declared the end to the February 29th agreement holding the US responsible after stopping food aid.

In the so-called Leap Day Deal, North Korea agreed to suspend its uranium-enriched program in exchange for food assistance.

Claiming Washington first broke the pledge, the North Korean Foreign Ministry stated the United Nations 15-member council has “double standards,” an argument foreshadowed by analysts.

Pyongyang stated it would take necessary retaliatory punitive measures.

Meanwhile, top US military commander in the Pacific expressed his desire for the North to refrain from any further military action because all options are on the table.

US State Department Spokesperson Mark Toner responded to North Korea’s statement, suggesting it was Pyongyang that had reneged on their commitments, resulting in the suspension of food aid, adding that the February 29th deal was not a legal agreement but rather a pledge of commitment by North Korea.

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